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Athletics Carnival

March 16, 2017 by lbonde   

Hello Everyone
We have just had our Athletics Carnival, which was a great experience, even though we were tired after two days.  I was thinking about which parts of it will be a memory that you keep for a long time. 
Think about your senses.  (What did you Hear See  Think  Feel?)  Post a comment.

Ms B
I remember a school athletics carnival that I went to in primary school.  I remember really feeling like I belonged when I was singing the house chant.   My house was called Leven (after the Leven River) and it was blue house.  Can anyone work out which town in Tasmania I went to school.





  1. riv19amber says:

    I loved it when I WON the 100m and 200m
    I love The Athletic Carnival


  2. riv19amber says:

    I WON the 100m and 200m
    I love The Athletic Carnival


  3. riv19ruby says:

    There was a lot of cheering for the houses and I felt nervous before some of the running races.

  4. riv19holly says:

    I am happy that Barnes won the chant.:)

  5. riv19callie says:

    I felt hot and sweaty I hear everyone yelling out go
    Griffiths and I wonder as I ran if Griffiths will win. I see lots of people running really fast.

  6. riv19izzy says:

    I heard people cheering for my team Thompson I see people doing novelties and running. I think we are doing very well I feel very happy with myself.


  7. riv19emily says:

    Im happy that Freeland came third 🙂

  8. riv19euan says:

    I felt like falling flat on my face my legs acing sweat poring down my face I could hear chants and people yelling.
    I could see other people cheering running and throwing I could see the finish.
    I think MissB was at Ulverstone and she was named after the leaven river as it is there.

  9. riv19lucass says:

    my favourite thing at the carnival was the 200m.i hear the house cheering for me. I see the finish line
    the school I think you went to was Campbelltown

  10. riv19lily says:

    I heard lots of people cheering from their houses. I see people beating me. I thought I was going to loose all the races. I feel tired and puffed.


  11. riv19sophie says:

    My favourite race was the 1500. I heard people cheering for me. I felt so happy as I crossed the finish line.

  12. riv19hamza says:

    My favorite race the 100 meter sprint.I heard the people cheering for me. I think Miss B that it was at Ulverstone.

  13. riv19mia says:

    I am so happy that I came 1st in 800 2nd in 400 and I was very excited that Griffiths won.

    Mia price

  14. riv19miab says:

    I won 100 and came first in relay and my house won!

  15. riv19sienna says:

    I enjoyed the relay because it was fun,challenging and I love running.

  16. riv19miab says:

    I am happy that i won 100 and came first in relay and my house won!

  17. riv19poppy says:

    I loved 1,500 because I came 5th and I usually 8th!

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