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June 30, 2017 by lbonde   

There are so many interesting devices that we can use today for entertainment and communication.  What is your favourite type of technology that you use and why?  What do you think life was like before computers, mobiles etc.?  Do you know what some of these things are?  What were they used for?





  1. riv19lily says:

    I use my iPad to search up how to do different gymnastics tricks and I also play games. I think life would be different without mobile phones because you would have to wait until you got home to use the phone and you wouldn’t be able to talk in your room by your self. The picture in the middle is a type writer and instead of them we now have computers. It would be really hard to do a piece of writing without deleting anything.

  2. riv19izzy says:

    I use a phone at home for communication with people like family. I think if we didn’t have technology and stuff it would be hard to communicate and then they invented letters to send. The picture in the middle is a type writer that is like a computer that you can type letters with.

    By Izzy

  3. riv19mitchell says:

    My favourite technology is my own iPad because it has a big screen and I can see tiny words and I can write a lot easier. I think life was hard because some old technology was not as fun as it is now and is extremely different. There is an old radio, an old type writer and an old telephone.

  4. riv19euan says:

    The thing I like most of technology is my tablet and that is because i can record videos and time how fast I run and for playing games. I think the telephone back in the olden day would have been a nuisense. when you have a private conversation the whole world would hear it and it took up a lot of space.

  5. riv19sienna says:

    I like using a computer because on tablets or phones you have to touch the screen and it’s a bit tricky to touch the letters. I think computers are useful for researching and you can skype people. if we didn’t have computer’s we wouldn’t be able to research using the internet you probably would have to talk to people about your question. I think the first picture is a tape recorder and the second picture and the third picture is a type writer and a telephone.

  6. riv19callie says:

    I like using phone because you can contact people on it, message people and you can play any games you like. They can be big or small they can do nearly anything you can also search things up on google.

  7. riv19amber says:

    i play on my ipad and play games. I play also on my computer i play fireboy and supergirl

  8. riv19sophie says:

    I like using my Ipad and Ipod to play games and listning to music and to message people. I think it would be diffrent with out devices because it would have taken longer to talk to people from other countries because letters took longer to travel. the picture in the middle is a typewriter,a typewriter is like a computer and now we have a computer.

  9. riv19jack says:

    I play on my computer and I use it for specially needed things but with out it I would have to do it by hand and it would take a long time to finish it

    by Jack

  10. riv19lucass says:

    I play on my Ipad and I send massagers to my mum when I am at my dads. I also play games on it. The tip writer can not backspace.

    by Lucas s

  11. riv19amber says:

    I like to play games on my computer. Computers where not like the olden days. In the olden days you would write a letter and it would print the letter out.

  12. riv19mia says:

    I like using my ipad because I get to communicate and contact people plus you can play games and go on youtube. you can find places and things on google. they come is all different sizes and colours. The first picture is of a oil cd player. The second one is a old type writer, its like a computer. The third one is an old telephone.


  13. riv19scarlett says:

    I like using computers because you don’t have to touch the screen instead you use your mouse. I think life was hard because you can’t move to another spot and you would not be able to use your mobile phone until you get home.

    By Scarlett

  14. riv19ewan says:

    I have a WII and I use it to entertain by playing videogames. The left photo is of a video tape and it’s used for playing videos. If I didn’t have the WII U would be bored as.


  15. riv19emily says:

    my favourite piece of technology is my Ipad when I am bored I can go on it and play games. I also go on it to watch tutorials to do things. I think life would be hard without computers because you wouldn’t be able to just send something quickly. You would have to wait for months and months for the letter to come. I think the first picture
    is a tape player because it has a coil for the tape to go on it.


  16. riv19holly says:

    My favourite piece of technology is my ipad because when I’m board I can go on Youtube. I think life would of been hard with telephones because you can’t call people anywhere you go you have to wait until you get home. I think the first pitcher is a tape player.


  17. riv19miab says:

    I use my Ipad to play games and watch you tube and communicate with my friends and family. The first one is old cd player the second one is a type writer and the third one is an old telephone it would be different because you would have to give letter not text messages and etc..
    Mia B

  18. riv19elli says:

    The one in the middle is a typewriter and it prints letters on a peace of paper and when you press on a letter it prints on the peace of paper. The only thing you can do is type no games no apps no websites and no deleting.

  19. riv19ruby says:

    My favourite type of technology is my mums iPad because I watch YouTube and play games. I think it would be very boring without technology because there wouldn’t be anything to do. The second picture is a typewriter and if you make a mistake it won’t back space and won’t rub out because it is ink.


  20. riv19lucas says:

    My favourite device is an ipad because I like watching videos on Youtube. in the past it was hard in the past because if someone called you, you would have to answer the phone at home. The picture in the centre is a typewriter.

  21. riv19rudi says:

    when I use my mums phone and using it to call dad and message dad or my grand parents. You can’t message any body on the telephone you could only call people and short message service people as well.

    By Rudi

  22. riv19poppy says:

    I enjoy watching TV because you can learn, laugh, and watch sport. Before TVs, you wouldn’t be able to watch your favourite movies. You would have to pay to see them at the cinemas.
    I think the first one is a movie player that projects movies. The second one is a type writer. You write messages on it. The last one is a telephone. You dile in the numbers and it rings the person.

  23. riv19hamza says:

    I play games on my Ipad I like playing on it. it would have been hard not to backspace on the typewriter. The telephone would’ve been hard to use if you typed the wrong number you couldn’t just type it the normal way.


  24. riv19elli says:

    my favourite devices are xbox360 and ps4 they have great games that you can play this is for both. the first one I I think is a projector and those well things are were you put the movie witch in the old days they were cooled tapes. I think the second thing is a type righter were they don’t have screens and you have to put paper in first. I think the 3 thing is a telephone you have to put you finger in the circle were the number is and turn it up till the telephone stops I could not imagen what it would be like with out devices by Lacey

  25. riv19amy says:

    The middle one is a typewriter. How it works is you type on
    the keys and it prints on a peace of paper and there’s no deleting. Amy

  26. riv19jethro says:

    The object on the right is a movie projector and the tape is in the circles. The object in the middle is a typewriter it is used for writing with ink. the last one is a telephone you spin the dial and you do it until you have finished the number


  27. riv19amber says:

    its Amazing how much technology has changed. We can communicate so many different ways on our phones we can send text and use the internet and call people. We can also take photos on our phone these days. On my Ipad I can play lots of different games and ring people I know on snapchat. The telephone in the above photo you would wait until you got home to ring someone. The first pic looks like a projecter and the other a type writer. The type writer was how people use to write letters.
    I love using my laptop and my ipad.

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