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Free Verse Poems

August 1, 2017 by lbonde   

We are learning about free verse poems.  We wrote a class poem based on a picture from Pobble365.  What picture did this poem create for you?  What is your favourite line of the poem.  Why?


  1. riv19callie says:

    My favourite line is : magical, shiny huge egg balanced in my arms,
    This is my favourite line because it has lots of awesome adjectives in it and I think it sounds really good in the poem.

  2. riv19emily says:

    The picture in my mind is someone running for their life getting chased by crows my favourite line is dead trees, gloomy evening because it really puts the picture in my mind of where they are.


  3. riv19ruby says:

    The picture created a picture in my mind of in the middle of nowhere fighting for food. I like the word doom because it makes it sound dangerous

  4. riv19amber says:

    surrond by crows because there i a hole bunch of crows all around you.

  5. riv19sophie says:

    My favourite line in the poem is: Panicking, sprinting, shaking hands, horrified, This is my favourite line because it makes me feel what the person might be thinking and because it makes me make and image in my mind.

  6. riv19izzy says:

    The picture gave me a picture of a gloomy day that’s scary
    My favourite line was: middle of nowhere, risking my life because
    It gives the poem a edge to it and it sounds cool


  7. riv19mitchell says:

    It created a picture in my mind of in a dark forest and crows swooping everywhere. My favourite phrase is swooping through the cold misty air because it makes it sound very spooky.

  8. riv19lily says:

    loud scary swooping birds attacking is my favourite line because it creates a image in my mind.


  9. riv19poppy says:

    In my head I saw a flat dry grass land and a heap of crows. A little girl is running away from the crows holding a massive, white egg. Her face looks petrified.
    My favourite line was ‘Dark swamp, huge, tall mountains, gloomy, midnight sky.’ It really set the scene in my head.

  10. riv19sienna says:

    My favourite line would be middle of nowhere risking my life because it sounds like you would never ever want to go there and it creates a clear image in your head like a gloomy sky and over grown weeds black dead trees and crows swooping at you

  11. riv19euan says:

    My favourite line is loud,scary,swooping birds attacking as it really sets a picture in my mind of birds attacking you. I like it because it has some really good adjectives in it. It also really made me think about how the birds were attacking the person.
    It is also interesting that the picture we have at school has a girl in it where the poem never tells you that the person with the egg is a female.

  12. riv19ewan says:

    The poem created a picture of a little girl stealing a white egg from a flock of dark black swooping crows. My favorite line was pitch black flock swooping because I put a word in it.


  13. riv19miab says:

    magical, shiny, huge egg balanced in my arms because it really creates a picture in my mind and make me wonder about the egg

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