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Recycle Reuse Reduce

November 12, 2017 by lbonde   

We have been talking about sustainability and ways we can help our planet.
Share your thoughts on what you have learnt as part of our Inquiry. What do you think people should remember?

We have written a poem which we presented at a kids conference. What do you think about our poem?


Deep, crystal clear water


Fluorescent colours shimmering

Superb animals gliding through shining seas

Blue World

Dolphins twisting and turning, diving through the waves

Mysterious Creatures

A rainbow of fish, hiding in delicate coral

People’s underwater playground



World’s largest dump

Plastic destroying the sea

Clueless animals eating rubbish, choking, dying

No life

Toxic chemicals alarming!

Overwhelming plastic turning water into waste

Oil spilling, spreading, killing

Dangerous Deadly


Help Our Sea Creatures

Save Our Oceans


  1. Mrs Duggan says:

    Congratulations 4 BC on the creation of your poem along with the touching recital on Friday at the sustainability conference. Our visiting guests were impressed with the choice of words and the way in which you portrayed a very important message. Well Done. Mrs Duggan

  2. Lily says:

    I think people should remember to put rubbish in the bin and don’t litter. When you put it in the bin make sure it goes into the right one. I think everyone should remember the six r’s so they can help not pollute the earth by following them. The poem would have helped some other people in a way because of what we told about the two different things (pollution and the un polluted oceans) and hopefully that would help some people not litter so the ocean doesn’t get ruined by rubbish.

    By Lily

  3. Sophie Lucas says:

    I absolutely love the first half of this poem because it reminds me why I love the ocean so much. The images it creates in my mind makes me miss our home of 10 years in Scamander, which is situated right on the beach. However, the second half makes me terribly disappointed with how people disrespect our oceans and the creatures within it.
    I love the choice of words that powerfully describe the damage some people are creating.
    Congrats on an awesome poem, I would have loved to have heard how the two contrasting halves of the poem were performed.

  4. Kane says:

    WOW!! what a fantastic piece of writing.
    So descriptive felt like I was actually there!!

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