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Recycle Reuse Reduce

November 12, 2017 by lbonde   

We have been talking about sustainability and ways we can help our planet.
Share your thoughts on what you have learnt as part of our Inquiry. What do you think people should remember?

We have written a poem which we presented at a kids conference. What do you think about our poem?


Deep, crystal clear water


Fluorescent colours shimmering

Superb animals gliding through shining seas

Blue World

Dolphins twisting and turning, diving through the waves

Mysterious Creatures

A rainbow of fish, hiding in delicate coral

People’s underwater playground



World’s largest dump

Plastic destroying the sea

Clueless animals eating rubbish, choking, dying

No life

Toxic chemicals alarming!

Overwhelming plastic turning water into waste

Oil spilling, spreading, killing

Dangerous Deadly


Help Our Sea Creatures

Save Our Oceans


  1. Mrs Duggan says:

    Congratulations 4 BC on the creation of your poem along with the touching recital on Friday at the sustainability conference. Our visiting guests were impressed with the choice of words and the way in which you portrayed a very important message. Well Done. Mrs Duggan

  2. Lily says:

    I think people should remember to put rubbish in the bin and don’t litter. When you put it in the bin make sure it goes into the right one. I think everyone should remember the six r’s so they can help not pollute the earth by following them. The poem would have helped some other people in a way because of what we told about the two different things (pollution and the un polluted oceans) and hopefully that would help some people not litter so the ocean doesn’t get ruined by rubbish.

    By Lily

  3. Sophie Lucas says:

    I absolutely love the first half of this poem because it reminds me why I love the ocean so much. The images it creates in my mind makes me miss our home of 10 years in Scamander, which is situated right on the beach. However, the second half makes me terribly disappointed with how people disrespect our oceans and the creatures within it.
    I love the choice of words that powerfully describe the damage some people are creating.
    Congrats on an awesome poem, I would have loved to have heard how the two contrasting halves of the poem were performed.

  4. Kane says:

    WOW!! what a fantastic piece of writing.
    So descriptive felt like I was actually there!!

  5. riv19mitchell says:

    It was a great poem that was loaded with description and true things. The best poem I had seen so far this year.there are so many powerful words in there too.

    Callum (Mitchell’s Brother)

  6. riv19mitchell says:

    It is a wonderful poem, written by the whole class because it has some great descriptive words that go with the poem and it gives people a clear message that we don’t like pollution around us.


  7. riv19emily says:

    I think that people should stop pollution by putting rubbish in the bin. Also we shouldn’t use so much plastic because it all ends up in the ocean. It is a wonderful poem that really shows what the ocean actually looks like.


  8. Mia says:

    I think all the guests and other students were impressed with our class poem. It created an image in my mind!
    There are lots of WOW words in there and I think the pollution part hopefully made some people think about how bad it is. The ocean part made me think about how lovely the beach and waves are!


  9. riv19elli says:

    The poem has great descriptive words and the poem is very strong

  10. riv19poppy says:

    The poem was great and packed with excellent description and message. The most important lines to remember would be the last few,
    Help our sea creatures
    Save our oceans

  11. riv19ewan says:

    I learnt a lot from our sustainability unit and one of the most interesting fact I learnt was how long it takes for different objects to break down. I was very proud with the end product of our poem and the collaboration that went into it and the message that it gives to people who read it to stop throwing away rubbish.
    Ewan P.

  12. riv19sophie says:

    I think that people need to remember that one tiny little piece of rubbish can do a lot of damage. I think that our whole class made a very descriptive, affective poem.

  13. Izzy says:

    I think we should not be lazy and just litter, I think we should put rubbish in the bin with the red lid. Instead of getting a new plastic bag every time we go to the supermarket we could reuse the one we’ve got or get a material one. I think the poem is great it kind of tells you how we could affect our beautiful environment in the future. and remember stopping pollution is the best solution.


  14. riv19jethro says:

    it is a magnificent poem I liked that every one hade a bit in even if they didn’t get it in the first part and all off the things are has wonderful descriptive words.

    from Jethro

  15. riv19miab says:

    I have learnt lots about reusing recycling and repairing and lots more! I have learnt lots of information from quest speakers teachers family and friends!

  16. riv19euan says:

    I think that people should remember that rubbish doesn’t just disappear it hast to go to land fill so double think before you buy plastic bags and things that kill animals with pollution and methane fumes.

  17. riv19sienna says:

    People shouldn’t litter because that will end up in the sea where animals will eat that rubbish. Its important to follow the six R’s and that is recycling, reducing, rethinking, reusing, repairing and refusing. The poem has lots of descriptive words and tells us what the sea looks like.

  18. riv19holly says:

    I think people should always put their rubbish in a bin and don’t just throw it on the ground. It was a wonderful piece of writing.

  19. riv19rudi says:

    I did learn a lot from our sustainability conference the most fascinating fact that I learnt was that it takes thousands of years for glass to break down in to little bits in the water. The poem was great because it gave a great message to everyone who litters and to everyone else in the world.

  20. riv19lucass says:

    I learnt that not just rubbish can not only pollute the world water can to.

  21. riv19scarlett says:

    The poem was awesome with lots of strong adjectives and verbs my favourite line was oil, spilling, spreading, killing.

  22. Amber says:

    I think people should Remember that it goes to the landfill. My Favourite line is Toxic chemicals alarming!
    we did a good job So KEEP UP THE WORK 4BC

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