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February 27, 2018 by lbonde   

Hi Grade Four

Welcome to our Class Blog.
On our blog you will be able to publish your own work as well as read and comment on work belonging to other people.  There will also be links for you to explore.  Even your parents will be able to read our class blog and make comments.  It will be exciting and a challenge. It will be a great way for us to connect with each other and other people around Australia and the world.  Have a look at some of the posts previous classes have commented on.
I took these photos on a holiday I just went on. Where do you think I went?

Put a comment on the blog about your holiday.  What is something great that you saw and where was it?



  1. riv20kayden says:

    Kayden here isn’t the bear so cool but something that I did in the holiday what I liked was going to Devonport at the cinema watching jamunji welcome to the jungle with my sister and brother also my dad and mums dad that’s my holiday.

  2. riv20jackt says:

    Hello, in the holiday’s we moved from Sydney to Tasmania. It is a good lifestyle change and the schools are very different.
    Jack T

  3. riv20oscarsm says:

    On my holidays i went to the big bash at UTAS stadium to watch Hurricanes get beat by Sydney Thunder it was Amazing cant wait to do more next holidays. Oscar smith

  4. riv20ella says:

    Hey my favourite part of my holiday is when I saw my cousin and we went to Greens Beach.😍😍😍

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