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April 4, 2018 by lbonde   

Easter is a special time for lots of people. It is time for family, friends, having a break and chocolate.
What did you do in the Easter break and what does Easter mean for you?  Write a descriptive snapshot answer.

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  1. riv20hayley says:

    On Easter evening night fell and I slowly drifted to sleep as it became midnight CREAK! CREAK! The door slowly opens and there standing at the door was Easter bunny with his basket full of dairy, cold, scrumptious eggs with colourful foil wrapping on them and tall, dairy, scrumptious bunnies.

  2. riv20jackp says:

    It was Easter morning I was watching a movie with my dad and eating chocolate then when the movie was almost over I heard a knock on the door I remember were going fishing when we hoped in the car I was really excited. When I
    casted the line not long until it floated back to the jetty. But something kept biting my bait. when I reeled
    the line up the steak was gone. I tried again and again but nothing was caught except my pop caught a marcel
    but nobody else caught anything so we went home but I really waited to stay but is was getting windy.

  3. riv20jaylah says:

    I fall into a deep sleep with the moon shining on me. I see scattered eggs glistening in the dawn light.My sister wakes up the cat was siting on egg. its finally time the Easter egg hunt me and my family collect eggs my 3 year old sister tried wrestling a egg how is it possible.

  4. riv20kacey says:

    My Easter was sick I got to find all the eggs in the backyard then we got to go to aunts and we got extra chocolate eggs and we got three big humongous Easter eggs for each other.

  5. riv20sienna says:

    The Magnificent Easter Holiday
    Waves of excitement go through my tummy when mum and dad appear with outrageously huge piles of Easter eggs in their foil wrappers clutched in their hands. Creeping around the house, scattering for scrumptious treats. Delicious chocolate aiming for my mouth.

  6. riv20oscarsm says:

    wow cant wait for the morning to come. I wake up I see colourful eggs everywhere. Counting them all up 1 huge crunchie egg on the end of my bed. And a huge golden wrapped NRL ball sweet bunny awaiting me to eat. Shiny colours everywhere biting thru eggs one by one still haven’t finished eating. Leaving carrots, biscuits and milk out for the Easter bunny hope he enjoys them. Going to the screaming cinema to watch peter rabbit seeing family and eating more chocolate opening Footy Stars AFL cards. cant wait for next Easter. by Oscar

  7. riv20jordan says:

    My easter holiday
    Looking everywhere,searching in different places around my house and I had a great time looking for all of my easter eggs. Eating a delicious but mouth watering and defined easter egg i have ever had.The cute easter bunny hops down the hill as the sun set drifts off to the night, as my head hits the pillow.

  8. riv20hayley says:

    I think everyone did a great job!

  9. riv20jaylah says:

    I think everyone had a good easter

  10. riv20hayley says:

    I think they are creative thinkers and have great descriptive words.

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