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May 9, 2018 by lbonde   

This term we are writing goals for our learning and outside school.
We are making sure they are SMART goals. We are working step by step to achieve them.
Ask your parents what their goals are.
Share your goal onĀ our BLOG.





  1. riv20oscarsm says:

    I would like to improve on my division and my 2nd is that I don’t want to get any green cards for a whole week. O.S

  2. riv20sienna says:

    My goals were:
    To collaborate better in groups
    To bump up my writing

  3. riv20jackp says:

    To be able to fly my drone at home and not crash into the horse.

    To be better at division at school and home.

  4. riv20hayley says:

    2 goals I want to achieve 1 is I love geography and I want to learn geography.
    my second goal is I want to learn a bit more about laptops and computers.

  5. riv20oscarst says:

    my two goals are to read thick books and get better at division.

  6. riv20tyrel says:

    my to goal is to learn division and to get better at bumping up my work

  7. riv20jaylah says:

    My two goals are learn 7 times tables and learn how to draw a good star.

  8. riv20kacey says:

    my two goal is to practise division at home and do time limited other one is to practise my linking letters at home and being taught by my mother.

  9. riv20isaac says:

    1.Neater draft writing

    2.Learn bigger words

    Isaac hills

  10. riv20sophie says:

    My first goal is to get better at speed maths and my second one is to improve on my 8 timetables.


  11. riv20storey says:

    One of my goals are to get my work finished with out getting distracted by other people. My other goal is to slow down and focus on my neatness

  12. riv20kayden says:

    one of my goals are to Liston on the mat more often and my second one is to get better at bumping up my work.

  13. riv20jackp says:

    I have two goals.

    I want to be better at division at home and school.
    And messy writing witch is hard to read.

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