3/4/5/6 Camp

On the 31st of August we travelled by bus to camp it took 3 hours on the way we stopped by Tasmazia. When we got there most of us were tired we went into the hall, we got introduced to the camp organisers and then found out who we were in a cabin with. We made our beds then had a choice of having quiet time, going to the games room or playing a game of soccer afterwards that night we played quite a long game of laser tag. We20160831_14153020160831_141331 had to be in bed by 8:30 and lights out were at 9:00.


On the 1st of September we had to be up at seven o’clock and we went for a walk down to Tamar beach on the way we saw someone riding a penny farthing from then we took a few photos then went back because we had to make it to camp at 8:00 for breakfast. After breakfast Mr Walker’s group and Mr Russell’s went to play gaga ball, trampolining, mini golf while Miss J’s, Matt and Narelle’s group was on the big swing each person was aloud to have a choice of having 2 turns then we swapped over and Josiah showed us how to put the belts on. Once we finished our turns on the giant swing we played a game of laser tag by when we finished we had afternoon tea then did some archery, obstacle course and then played a game in the hall which was a relay and naughts and crosses as a mix first was Matts team verse Miss J’s team Matts team made it into the final then it was Mr Walkers verse Mr Russell’s Mr Russell’s group won  then it was the final and Mr Russell’s team just won then we had a choice of playing another game or going to bed.

On the last day we had breakfast then went back to school on the way we stop at the Art Museum and did an art class on drawing then we went back to school most of us had a sleep on the way home!






20160901_115928By Lucy and James

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