Aurora Facts

Hi ava here today I will tell you about auroras

Aurora is a latin word for sunrise. It is also the name of the Roman Goddess of Dawn.

Aurora’s are associated with the solar winds that go from the sun to earth because they carry plasma particles which are attracted to the earths magnetic pole fields (which is why we see Aurora’s in the North and South pole). The oxygen atoms in the earths atmosphere mix with the plasma particles and release an energy which is what we see on Earth as Aurora’s.

Aurora’s can also be seen on Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Mars.

They come in different colours; but usually green but sometimes red or blue.

Different names for Aurora’s in the Southern hemisphere are; Aurora Australis, The Southern Lights or Polar Lights. The names associated with  the Northern Hemisphere Aurora’s include; Aurora Borealis or The Northern Lights.

some places you can see auroras include; Greenland, Biberia, Alasra, Antarctica,Tasmania, the Arctic and other places.

Thanks for reading!!'Nocturnal Waves' - Uttakleiv, Lofoten, Norway

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7 thoughts on “Aurora Facts

  1. Hi Ava,

    I see you are already off to a great start with blogging. Nice use of images in your posts. Glad to see you are using creative commons images and providing credits.

    I’m looking forward to your future blog posts.

    Ms. Drasby

  2. I never knew that you can see an Aurora from another planet. Have you ever seen one? I would love to see one sometime from the way you expressed how it look and the different colors it could be. I think it was a great choice you put in how the Aurora is created and formed. We have lots of interesting stories in our class blog at McDowell Media! Come check us out!

    1. Hi Ava
      Cool that we have the same name! No I haven’t seen an aurora with my own eyes before cause it’s more likely to see them in winter and where I live its way to cold to go out in winter,but my school friends have taken photos of them and shown me which was really cool!!! No doubt that I will check out your blog. Thanks, Ava

  3. Ava, today you actually have taught me a lot. I never knew that Aurora was Latin for sunrise. To me that is a pretty interesting word and it makes me think of the princess Sleeping Beauty. I also love watching the sun rise I think it is so beautiful! I look forward to reading your blogs! Bye for now

  4. Dear Ava,

    I really like how you explained this gorgeous natural phenomenon. It’s quite the sight! I’ve heard of them but never seen them personally. I also had no idea that’s what the name derived from! That’s very interesting! I enjoy your views on things. Keep up the great work! If you wish to check out my blog you can at

    Thank you for your time.


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