Sea Sponge Facts

Hi Ava here

In my first post on this blog I’ve decided to do sea sponge facts.

Sea sponge have been around for millions of years, 500 million to be exact and were the first living organisms. They are made up of small zooplankton which you can’t see without a microscope. There are between 6,000 and 10,000 species of sponge out there but there are two main groups; encrusting and free floating. Encrusting sea sponge is a bit like our moss on land and likes to stay on rocks. Free floating lives up to its name and floats freely in the water but is a bit more complex and grows in different shapes and sizes. If a sponge is a living animal it has the eat right? Well they don’t go hunting like other animals so, instead they stay in one spot and filter through the water with special cells that can get food and oxygen from the water. One sea sponge is both male and female. Well that’s about all I know about sea sponges! I hope you’ve learned a little more today.

What do you think my next post should be about?

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3 thoughts on “Sea Sponge Facts

  1. Dear Ava,
    This is a very good post. And I know another kind of sponge. the sponges that we have in our kitchens. They are mainly yellow and really common! What about sponges do you like best?
    Fang Yu

    1. Hi Fang Yu
      I think the exotic ‘Kitchen Sponge’ is my least favourite since I have to do the dishes with it! do you have a blog?

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