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Hi my name is Ava

I live in Tasmania, Australia. In my little family I have my mum, dad and  little cute dog.  I’m a crazy 10 year old who loves; story writing, reading, blogging, nature, the number 62, dancing and science.  My favourite picture book is the noisy dog and the quiet woman because the copy I had, was fill with simple but amazing illustrations.  My favourite novels are the girl who could fly and  the boy who knows every thing because of their odd characters and unexpected twists.  I love facts because they inform you on a specific topic that you are interested in(or you have to do your home work on) and I love fiction because when you are writing it, it can be about anything you want it to be and the sky is the limit (unless your story is based on mars) and when you’re reading it your going to somewhere new and most of the time exiting. That’s why I decided to make my blog about facts and fiction.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             That was a little bit about me I hope you enjoyed!!

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4 thoughts on “about ME

  1. G’day Ava,
    What a great introduction! Pleased you know to write book names in italics or in quote marks.

    Is there a book series you think I would like to read? I love mystery stories.

    1. hi Mrs w
      Well if you like mysteries, quizzes and adventure then I’d recommend ‘The Land of Stories’ but if you want a fairy tale twist
      I’d recommend ‘The School For Good and Evil’. I found them bo9th extremely enjoyable.

  2. Hi Ava,
    What a great post about you! I don t know the book ‘the noisy dog and the quiet woman’. You will have to bring it in and show me sometime. Have a great holiday.

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