Great White Shark

Hi It’s Kieran here,

This post is going to be about the feared and well known Great White Shark.

The Great White Shark is also commonly known as the white shark, the white death, or the white pointer.

The Great White Shark is the most dangerous of all sharks. It has recorded the most deaths of humans by any aquatic animal in the world.

Great White Sharks have deadly huge pointy serrated teeth they use to hunt prey. They are in the family of makeral sharks and their scientific name is Carcharodon carcharias. They grow up to lengths of about 5 metres.

Great White Sharks are usually bluey-grey or browny-grey in colour.

They are found in temperate waters off most Australian coasts.

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Basking Shark

Hi It’s Kieran here,

This post is going to be about my favourite shark,

The Basking Shark is currently the second largest shark in the world after the Whale Shark. Their size at birth is unknown but a fully grown Basking Shark can get up to 10 metres in size they also have a massive tail to propel their huge bodys through the water.

Basking Sharks is one of three filter feeding sharks including the Megamouth Shark and the Whale Shark, which are all very large and have huge gaping mouths.

Basking Sharks has extremely small teeth seeing they does not need to bite into anything. Basking Sharks also has very large gill slits which it uses to filter the water out to breathe. The Basking Shark has a fairly short snout and are normally coloured a greyish brown with a pale belly.

They are generally found off the coasts of Tasmania, Western Ausralia and New South Whales, usually getting very close to the shore.

The Basking Shark gets it’s name from frequently being seen “basking” on the surface of the water under the sun.

Basking Sharks are commonly seen in groups of 3-4 but groups of up to 100 have been spotted. The Basking Shark population has been dropping as it is continued to be hunted for It’s liver used to make liver oil and it’s giant fins used to make shark fin soup.

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Tiger Shark

Hi it’s Kieran here,

I am going to do a post about Tiger Sharks.

Tiger Sharks are a very dangerous type of shark, they are only slightly less dangerous than the Great White Shark.

They can eat almost anything and have even been known to have tyres found in their stomachs. The Tiger Shark can grow up to 5 metres and usually lives in tropical or subtropical waters. They are very well camouflaged and they swim slowly which makes it hard for prey to sense them.

Tiger Sharks have almost no predators but Killer Whales have been known to attack them. Tiger Sharks have extremely serrated teeth which they use to bite into almost anything.

The belly of A Tiger Shark is normally white and they have dark coloured stripes on their body hence the name tiger shark. These stripes eventually fade or dissapear on adults. Tiger Sharks are usually found off coasts in Australia, in waters from the surface to 150m deep. They have a very blunt head and are responsible for the second most amount of human deaths caused by sharks, just behind the Great White Shark.

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Goblin Shark

Kieran here,

I am going to share some info about the creepy and very rare Goblin Shark, (Mitsukurina owstoni). Not much is known about this shark but this is what I know. Goblin sharks live in steep slopes, submarine canyons and seamounts throughout the world at depths of 100m. Various body features of the Goblin Shark includes flabby skin and small fins. They mainly base their diet of Teleost fish, cephalopods and crustaceans. Goblin sharks are very rare sharks and only live in extremely deep water, they have only been seen a couple of times and we still have a lot to learn about them. Goblin sharks have a very interesting jaw which they can dislocate and shoot forward to grab their prey and then move it back to it’s normal position.


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Sharks-About This Blog

Hi my name is Kieran and I will be having a blog all about  sharks.

I really like Sharks because I think they are really interesting and I really enjoy learning about them. My favourite shark is a basking shark  because I find them very interesting to research about.

If you want to read about a particular shark then you can search it up in the search box above all my posts and hopefully you will find something!


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