Basking Shark

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This post is going to be about my favourite shark,

The Basking Shark is currently the second largest shark in the world after the Whale Shark. Their size at birth is unknown but a fully grown Basking Shark can get up to 10 metres in size they also have a massive tail to propel their huge bodys through the water.

Basking Sharks is one of three filter feeding sharks including the Megamouth Shark and the Whale Shark, which are all very large and have huge gaping mouths.

Basking Sharks has extremely small teeth seeing they does not need to bite into anything. Basking Sharks also has very large gill slits which it uses to filter the water out to breathe. The Basking Shark has a fairly short snout and are normally coloured a greyish brown with a pale belly.

They are generally found off the coasts of Tasmania, Western Ausralia and New South Whales, usually getting very close to the shore.

The Basking Shark gets it’s name from frequently being seen “basking” on the surface of the water under the sun.

Basking Sharks are commonly seen in groups of 3-4 but groups of up to 100 have been spotted. The Basking Shark population has been dropping as it is continued to be hunted for It’s liver used to make liver oil and it’s giant fins used to make shark fin soup.

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  1. Dear Kieran,

    This post is extremely interesting! What a unique looking creature! I love your blog so much because sharks are one of my favorite creatures as well. I had no idea that they were called basking sharks because they basically sunbathed! I just never really thought about it but that’s so interesting! Keep up the amazing work! If you wish to check out my blog you can at
    I write stories but have a few random posts thrown in there! I hope you have a nice day!


  2. Dear Kieran,
    I thought it was so cool that you are really interested in sharks, I don’t really know a lot of people who like sharks. I love the fact that you added a bunch of facts to it to tell us what were reading about and how it’s your favorite shark. Why is it your favorite type of shark? Come and check out my blog @

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