Great White Shark

Hi It’s Kieran here,

This post is going to be about the feared and well known Great White Shark.

The Great White Shark is also commonly known as the white shark, the white death, or the white pointer.

The Great White Shark is the most dangerous of all sharks. It has recorded the most deaths of humans by any aquatic animal in the world.

Great White Sharks have deadly huge pointy serrated teeth they use to hunt prey. They are in the family of makeral sharks and their scientific name is Carcharodon carcharias. They grow up to lengths of about 5 metres.

Great White Sharks are usually bluey-grey or browny-grey in colour.

They are found in temperate waters off most Australian coasts.

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8 thoughts on “Great White Shark

  1. Wow Kieran,
    Amazing post, it was really interesting and I didn’t know that they are most dangerous shark in the whole world.
    Where else are they found around the world?
    Could you maybe do one about the tiger shark?
    Awesome post! 🦈

  2. G’day Kieran,
    I am loving your shark posts. Remember though if you found the facts on another website or in a book, you need to mention the name of the website and link the URL in your post. If from a book, include the name of the book and the author.

    This is called attribution and shows you got the image or information from somewhere else.
    PS How did you get the shark after your name?

    1. Thanks Josue,
      Yes I definitely agree, Sharks are really great creatures!
      I will definitely come and check out your blog,

  3. This was so informational! I can tell you are a big fan of sharks, and I love the jigsaws you’ve been sharing. Thank you for posting.

  4. Hi Kieran,
    I wasn’t able to watch the video because my school has a block on some YouTube videos but, I never knew that the Great White has many name as “the white death, or the white pointer” I also dint know they prefer warm water, I guess i wont be going to any warm waters anytime soon. Here is my link to my blog make sure to leave a comment and a link back to your blog bye.

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