Tiger Shark

Hi it’s Kieran here,

I am going to do a post about Tiger Sharks.

Tiger Sharks are a very dangerous type of shark, they are only slightly less dangerous than the Great White Shark.

They can eat almost anything and have even been known to have tyres found in their stomachs. The Tiger Shark can grow up to 5 metres and usually lives in tropical or subtropical waters. They are very well camouflaged and they swim slowly which makes it hard for prey to sense them.

Tiger Sharks have almost no predators but Killer Whales have been known to attack them. Tiger Sharks have extremely serrated teeth which they use to bite into almost anything.

The belly of A Tiger Shark is normally white and they have dark coloured stripes on their body hence the name tiger shark. These stripes eventually fade or dissapear on adults. Tiger Sharks are usually found off coasts in Australia, in waters from the surface to 150m deep. They have a very blunt head and are responsible for the second most amount of human deaths caused by sharks, just behind the Great White Shark.

I hope you learnt something.

Kieran 🦈


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