I’m going to give you some facts on Afghanistan.

  1. The Capital of Afghanistan is Kabul.
  2. The population is 31 million.
  3. They are really good alies with Turkey and business partners with India and Iran.
  4. Most of there landscape is mountainous.
  5. Most of the people there are in the Pashtun tribe.
  6. Also most of the people speak Dari.
  7. In Afghanistan they make a lot of money by harvesting fruit and other things.
  8. The things they sell the most of are almonds, apricots and pomegranates.
  9.  There are three colours on the flag they are red black and green the red represents the blood of the people who fought in the war the black represents the bad past and the green represents the hope and future.
  10. The first oil paintings ever were in the Bamiyan caves in 650BC

Hope you liked the facts if you have any questions ask them in the comments.

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