Investigating an inquiry question…

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This term we have started to explore an inquiry question. Using the design process we are asking questions and collecting data to find out if there are any problems that we might be able to create a solution to help solve.

Our big question seems simple but when we started to think carefully each class found that it led to many more questions and the need to do some research and collect some data.

Does Our Playground Meet Our Needs?

As part of our data collection Mrs S put up a large satellite image map of our playground and each class was invited to add their data. Each class was asked the same two questions.

  • Where do you love to play in our playground?
  • Is there anywhere you do not like to play? Where?

Every student was given 3 yellow smiley face stickers and 3 red frowning face stickers so that they could add them to the large image. After having time to explore a colour satellite image from Google Earth everyone was able to add their dots to the map. You did not have to use all 6 stickers. We were collecting visual data about where we like to play.

After each class had added their dots Mrs S took a photograph so that we were able to see how our data changed over time.

dots after one class

dots after 2 classes

dots after 3 classes

dots after 4 classes

dots after 5 classes

dots after 6 classes

Some of the areas in our playground became so covered with dots that there was a slight mound when you carefully touched the map. Layers of dots covered the ones underneath.

What questions do you have about our collected data? Are you wondering why each dot was placed in a certain place?

Please leave a comment sharing any questions you might have.

Working with the Design Process

This year our classes have been exploring the design process. Architects, engineers, scientists and students can use the design process to help solve problems. These problems may be small, big, imaginary or real and in each case the design process helps break down the problem into smaller steps.

image of the design process - ask, imagine, plan, create, improve, share

Students had two challenges to complete and learned more about the steps in the design process as they completed these challenges.

Challenge one used only one building material and asked students to design a safe but tall structure for a little plastic bear to be able to see better in the classroom. We named all the bears – Harry.

In our second challenge there were more materials to choose from and the challenge had changed slightly. Harry still needed a safe, tall tower but there also needed to be a way of going up and down. The size of the groups building together also were larger.

Can you see the extra materials we had? Can you see some ways of getting up and down? Please leave a comment to tell us what you can see.

Creating with Our ICT Buddies

Some of the classes have been working hard with their buddies. They have been app smashing to create an online book all about the friends of ten. They used ArtRage to receive a tracing image via Airdrop. They took a screenshot and cropped it after they had finished working with the image in ArtRage. They Airdropped the image back and Mrs S created a book in Book Creator. They received the book via Airdrop and added the text to the pages.

We use the Friends of Ten maths strategy to help us when we are working with numbers. We might be combining numbers together. We might be finding out how much more to get to 10 or 20 or even more.

Knowing our Friends of Ten can help us with some other maths strategies. We can Think 10 or Make 10 and add what is left. We can think 1 more than 10 or 1 less than 10 to help us add numbers together.

How would you use the Friends of Ten to help you solve a maths problem? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

1 Youd

On the 16th of November we had an assembly, one the classes that shared was 1 Youd. They talked about the narratives they wrote. They firstly shared about the types of things you need to make a story like, a heading, a story line and other things like that. Then they all shared the name of their story. All of the stories looked great. They also  did a drawing on the front cover of their book and did an amazing drawing throughout their books. Towards the end of their presentation one of the students read their book to us. It was about a crazy house. It was really well and it was really funny. It looked like everyone enjoyed the presentation a lot and it got a massive clap at the end.

Do you enjoy writing stories? What do you like writing about. Please leave a comment to share your thoughts.

Tassie Devil Monster Truck

On the 16th of November we had a very special visit from Tassie Devil Monster Truck . Everyone enjoyed it.

Two students created digital posters about the visit.


Troy talked to the whole school about how Monster Trucks work and about the way that they were put together. He also told us how they are shipped to Australia from America. They are now all built the same size. The tyres were huge – $9000 per tyre. That is WOW!


Have you ever seen the Monster Trucks? Would you like to drive one? Please leave a comment to tell us your thoughts.

By Eloise.

Creating Digital Posters

During Mrs S time in our classrooms we have been working with our buddies to create digital posters. We have a task sheet to help guide us through the steps we need to follow. We are learning to use the iPad cameras and the photo editing tools to crop our photos before putting them into a collage. We are using Pic Kids to create our collages.


One of the choices we need to make is about the layout of our poster.

Will we use the grids offered in the app to place our pictures on the page or just go with freestyle?

Will our pictures look better overlapped or slightly sloped?

What makes a good background to show off our work?

These questions are things that we talk about with our buddies as we create our posters.

What is your favourite colour? What photos would you take to represent your favourite colour? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

Prep F Needs for Living Things

Prep F have looked at the needs of living things, for example; a fish needs water to live, a dog needs food to live and so on. One of the things they did for this unit was making a mind map about the sort of things animals need to live. Some of them started with a picture of a cat then drew lines coming out of it pointing to the things it needs, they looked like this.


Prep F also made box houses, in this activity they put things inside their box that you would normally have in a house to care for your pets.

This could include things like animal beds, boxes, play houses, cages, kennels, animal food and heaps more.


All the creations of Prep F looked great and everyone enjoyed making them too.

Do you have a favourite animal, if so why?

Written by Anna and Eloise

Numeracy Week

In our school we all have the chance to participate in lots of activities. Numeracy week is one of the most recent events. This activity included classes prep to grade two. All the classes had fun joining in with some learning activities. The classes all also participated in a Number Trail afternoon, which is looking around the Early Childhood buildings in search of numbers, whether they are stuck onto doors or under the bench, all of the numbers were found. There were lots of different activities to do during the week. It looked like everyone that was involved in this amazing week had a great time. But this week couldn’t of been as good as it was without everyone that helped make this event as amazing as it turned out to be so thankyou to everyone involved.

What did you do for Numeracy Week?

do you like numeracy?

Written By Anna and Eloise

Book Week

On Wednesday the 23rd of August, Kinder Y, Kinder B, Prep F, Prep 1 G, 1/2 SD and 1 Y were all participating in Book Week. Every child from each class chose a character from a book they liked and then they tried their best to dress up as it. There were lots of different types of dress ups including: Grug, Messi- as well as other famous football or soccer players-, fairies, crocodiles and lots of other things.

All the children  that were dressed up joined in a parade in the hall. The two Kinder classes even paraded around all the primary classes. All the costumes looked great and it looked like everyone had a great time.


What is your favourite book and why? Or who is your favourite character?

Written by Anna and Eloise

Mini Olympics

On the 18th of August Mrs Dobson’s class helped to run a Mini Olympics for three classes: Prep F, Prep 1 G and Year 1 Y.

The events included in the Mini Olympics were: egg and spoon race, sack race, Bean bag target, header race, target practice, obstacle course, running relay, time challenges, bike riding and jelly bean relay. The children were all put into countries and had to try and wear their country’s colours.

The weather was perfect for the day and all the participants worked really hard and enjoyed an enthusiastic day.

Thank you to all the parents and Mrs Dobson’s class who were there helping out on the day. Well done everyone.


What is your favourite Olympic event? Why?

Bye Eloise and Anna.