Prep\1 G Shares some Maths


When we are playing Round the World we have to start with the biggest number and then count on. If the die showed a 5 and a 1 we would hold the 5 in our head and we would count on with the 1.

5 count on 1 is 6.

Please leave a comment sharing a count on maths problem with us.


9 thoughts on “Prep\1 G Shares some Maths

  1. Hello Prep/1 Gunn,
    Thats sounds like fun. I love maths. It is lots of fun. What about you?
    So if I rolled 5 and 3, what number would I keep in my head? When I count on what would the answer be. 🙂
    Kind Regards

  2. Hello Prep/1 G,
    Nice work with the numbers. You are all getting smart.
    I rolled two dice and they showed 5 and 3. What number would you hold on your head?

  3. Well Done Mrs G’s Class.

    You are doing really well with counting on. Keep up the good work. What would 6 count on 4 equal?

    From Connor

  4. That is very good work Mrs Gunn’s class. Lucy said that in answer to Mrs Young’s question you would hold the 6 in your head because 2 is smaller than 6. Is this correct?
    From Lucy Wilson and Prep F

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