Exploring How Toys Move

Push Pull Venn Diagram

Today in our class we shared some toys. We talked about how the toys moved. Some of the toys we needed to pull along. Some toys we needed to push or press a button for them to move.

We used a Venn diagram to sort our toys into groups. There was a group for PUSH and a group for PULL. In the middle was a group for toys that we could push and pull.

Do you have a toy that moves? Where would it fit into our Venn diagram? Please leave a comment describing your toy.

10 thoughts on “Exploring How Toys Move

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  2. Hi Students
    I really like the Venn diagrams that you made. They are cool.

    I have very few toys but the ones that I do have are pulling toys.

    From Angus

  3. Hi everyone
    You have done lots of great work on Venn diagrams.

    The only toys I have that move are Lego figurines which you push and pull. The bits of their body that move are their arms, legs and heads.

    I hope you do a lot more interesting work for me to comment on.
    From Georgie

  4. Hi Prep 1

    I have many toys that move but they don’t all move the same way. Some toys roll, some toys slide and some toys can even fly! I think that my favourite toy would have to be my surf board. But that is not really a toy so instead I’ll put my Lego truck.


  5. Hello preps

    I like the work you have done on how toys work.
    I use to have a favourite toy. It was a little lego person however it broke
    but it is still one of my favourite toys.

    Kind regards Henko

  6. What a lot of work you have done on Venn diagrams!

    I really like the Venn diagrams that you drew.

    The students in my school like playing basket ball

    and traditional Irish football (called Gaelic) and hurling.

    The balls they use are popular toys.

    When I think about it, they push these balls

    with their hands, feet and hurling stick

    rather than pull them.

    So they would go in the ‘push’ part of the

    Venn diagram.

    Great work. I bet it made you think 😉

  7. Hi Preps,
    A few favourites in our house hold are the my little pony remote control car, the garbage trucks and the ball popping machine. The ball popping machine required the kids to put balls down the hole and push the button to make the balls shoot up.

  8. Dear Prep F
    My word, you’ve been busy sorting all your toys into ‘push’ or ‘pull’!
    I don’t have many toys any more, but one I loved as a child was a little car that I could pull backwards and let it go and it would speed off by itself. I could also push it, but it worked best when I pulled it backwards first.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely work – keep it up.
    Mrs Lamont

    • Mrs Young we think it would go in the middle because you can push or pull a Barbie camper van.

      From Riley and the Preps

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