Using Different Strategies to Work Out Our Maths

What is under the cup?
What is under the cup?

We have twenty cubes in a cup. One of our class is chosen to take some cubes out. They turn the cup over to hide the rest of the cubes and put the ones they have taken out on the top.

We all work out the answer to what it is hiding under the cup. We use different strategies to help us.

What strategy would you use if there were 4 blocks on top of the cup?

 4 +___= 20    

Please leave a comment sharing your ideas.

2 thoughts on “Using Different Strategies to Work Out Our Maths

  1. Dear Prep/1 Gunn,

    We read your blog post and the strategies you used were really good ones.

    Georgie’s strategy would be to find the friend of ten of the number (in this case 4 and 6) and then add ten, because as most people know ten + ten = twenty.

    Emily’s strategy is that because + and – are the same but reversed, you take the number from twenty and you get your missing number. So in this case, 20 – 4 = 16 and 16 is your missing number.

    We hope you like our maths strategies.

    What would happen if you changed the 20 to 30?

    From Emily and Georgie

  2. Hi P/1 G

    We liked looking at your post. You all had cool working out.

    We thought that your ideas were really good.

    We used one of your strategies to work out that 4+______=20 would mean that there were 16 cubes hidden. We used Friends of Ten to help us because we thought that 4+6 is ten so 4 +16 must be twenty.

    How many cubes would be under the cup if we put 3 cubes on top?

    Cormac, Mel and Paige

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