Following Along with An Adventurer

1/2 MW had a very special visitor to our class. Andrew Hughes from Adventure Class came to talk to us about this year’s expedition. He is going to camp in the Florentine Valley to look for undiscovered caves. Andrew looked at a map from a satellite and it showed some bumps called sinkholes. Andrew thinks there might be caves underneath these bumps and he is going to spend four weeks to find out. 1/2MW is going to follow his adventures online though the website. We can ask Andrew questions, read about his discoveries and find out all about caves. We are very excited!

What do you imagine you might see in a newly discovered cave? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Following Along with An Adventurer

  1. Hi 1/2 W

    If we went into a newly discovered cave we would probably see a lot of
    things like bats, spiders, insects, ants and anthills.
    We would also see things like different types of rock, sand and plants.

    Are those photos of models that you made? If they were did you enjoy making them? They look very good.

    Lilly D and Amy

  2. Hi Prep F

    If I was to discover a cave there would be lots of damp puddles and it would be pitch black dark. There would be lots of bats and mould spores. James and I think it would also look cool with lots of overhanging rocks.

    From James and Henko

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