Using Commas

Today P/1 G were writing sentences. The sentence starter that Mrs G gave us was:

 I went to town and I saw

We wrote a sentence telling our readers what we saw in town. Our sentences all had long lists. We needed to use commas to separate the different things in our lists.

We remembered to add a comma at the end of each word in our list except for the last part where we used “and” to show that our list was finished.

How would you finish our sentence? Please leave a comment to share your sentence. Remember to be careful with your commas.

3 thoughts on “Using Commas

  1. Hi Prep/1 Gunn
    I think you are very clever at using commas.
    I went to town and I bought 1 pair of red shoes, 2 sparkly dresses, 3 gorgeous handbags, 4 pair of spotty undies and 5 golden rings.
    Does this sentence remind you of something you might read at Christmas time? Could you extend my sentence by using the number pattern?

    • Thank you for leaving a great sentence using commas, Miss W.

      You added some good details to your list. We know that the car you saw was speeding and that your aunt was using an automatic teller.

      Do you know any other ways of using a comma when we are writing?

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