Russell the Sheep – Sharing a great read.

On Tuesday, during our time with Mrs S, Prep F listened to the story called Russell the Sheep. It was written and illustrated by Rob Scotton.

With some help from the Grade 6 students in 5/6 CS we drew a picture about our favourite part of the story. We used ArtRage and our Grade 6 helpers showed us how to use layers to separate our backgrounds from the rest of drawing. After we had finished our drawings we exported them as JPEG images so that the Grade 6 students could create a presentation for us. This presentation was created by James V.

 Russell tried many things to help him fall asleep. Have you had trouble getting to sleep? What did you do? Please leave a comment sharing you thoughts.

3 thoughts on “Russell the Sheep – Sharing a great read.

  1. Hello Prep,
    We both sometimes have trouble getting to sleep. Lucy puts her radio on quietly because it soothes her brain and she falls asleep and Elizabeth cleans her teeth again because cleaning your teeth resets your brain to sleep mode. Have you ever counted sheep when you have trouble getting to sleep?

    Kind regards Elizabeth and Lucy

  2. Hi Prep F

    Yes we have had trouble going to sleep before.
    We tried thinking of what we would do tomorrow and just thinking of sleeping might work.

    Kind regards from
    Sam and Hugo

  3. Hello Prep JF,
    We love your great drawings that you have made.
    We especially love the colour that you put into each one.
    Neither of us have trouble getting to sleep but if we did here are some things we would try:

    close your eyes and take 5 to 10 deep breaths
    try and think of happy thoughts

    Kind regards
    Ruby and Ava

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