A Visit to a Farm


Prep F and P/1GM went on a excursion to visit a farm called Glen Quoin. We saw a sheep being shorn. The wool was put into a machine that squashed it into a bale. The wool fibres felt soft and oily. We got to explore different pieces of farm machinery. We had a ride in a big trailer that was towed by a tractor, and we saw newborn lambs in the paddocks.

What do you think people can make from wool fibres?

Please leave a comment sharing your ideas.

2 thoughts on “A Visit to a Farm

  1. Hi Prep F and Prep/1GM,
    Were the baby sheep in the paddock cute?
    Was the trailer ride fun?
    I have seen nice dyed woollen jumpers made out of sheep wool. Has anybody worn a woollen jumper from your class?
    We would of liked to have seen the wool being made into a bale and seeing the farm machinery.
    From Rohan and Louis.

  2. Hello Prep F

    What a great excursion to be able to go on. Was it noisy when the sheep was being shorn?

    I think that people can spin the wool fibres into yarn. Once it is turned into yarn then it could be coloured using a dye and then the yarn could be used to make a blanket by using a crochet hook. Have you seen a blanket that has been made using a crochet hook?

    Mrs S

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