Talking about the Tasman Bridge

Tissue Paper Collage FerryWe have been talking about the history of the Tasman Bridge. We made a timeline of the significant events in the history of the Bridge.


Tissue Paper Collage 2Did you know that the Tasman Bridge is fifty years old this year? We read on Wikipedia that a man from Clarence Council said that the Tasman Bridge has only another twenty years because it got damaged when the Lake Illawarra crashed into it.

So we designed some new Tasman Bridges.

New Bridge 2 New Bridge 1 New Bridge

We had to think about how our bridge would look from the side, from above and from the end.

 Can you share a fun fact about the Tasman Bridge? We would love to read what you know!

4 thoughts on “Talking about the Tasman Bridge

  1. Hi 1/2W,
    Your drawings of the Tasman Bridge are great!
    Here is a fact about the Tasman Bridge. Every day aproximatly 67,000 cars, bikes and people cross the bridge. Thats a lot of people!
    And also it is the most used bridge and road every day in Tasmania.

    From Thomas and Max. 😉

  2. Hi Prep,
    Did you know that the Tasman bridge is 60.5 metres in height and the length is 1,395 metres in length.
    From Max H and Zac

  3. Hello Prep!

    These drawings of the Tasman bridge are great. I remember working on these in previous years.

    Alia and I read the facts, and we learnt a lot of things from them. What was the most difficult part of doing this study?

    Did you know that the Tasman bridge is 1.5 kilometres long?

    Kind regards,

    Alia and Jordyn.

  4. Hello 1/2 W

    Your timeline looks great. It is interesting to see the different designs you have created for a replacement bridge. Was it hard to draw the three different views?

    Did you know that the Tasman bridge has 5 lanes for car traffic but bicycle riders have to share the pedestrian footpaths?

    Mrs S

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