Primary Classes – Activities Afternoon

On Wednesday the children in grades 3-6 participated in an activities afternoon. Before the afternoon every student was asked to choose 5 activities from a list that they would like to have a go at. There were sports, crafts, cooking, creating and photography on the list.

One group was able to work on some mini weaving looms. They used yarn and a needle to weave over and under the warp threads of their mini looms. Each student also received a mini easel to decorate and use to display their creations.

The photography group took part in a photography scavenger hunt before taking a look at their photos on the school laptops in the libary.

The cooking group and indoor sports group were able to walk to our nearby High School and use the facilities there for the afternoon.

Have you ever participated in an activities day or afternoon? What did you do? What activities would you suggest for next year if we are able to have another afternoon of activities? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

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