Quilts For A Princess

Do you know the story of The Princess and The Pea? In Mrs S’s version of the story the Princess was very fussy and only agreed to marry the Prince if she could redecorate. She searched and searched for a great design for a quilt but could not really find what she wanted. Mrs S challenged us to create the perfect design for our fussy Princess. We use the Geoboard web app to start our design and MSPowerPoint to manipulate the design. Some of our designs are not quite finished but many of them can be seen in our Animoto.

Quilts can be made from small fabric pieces that are all joined together. The quilter starts off by making lots of blocks using a pattern and then joins all the blocks together. There are many designs published for quilters to use but most of them start with simple shapes like squares and triangles and the complicated pattern is made when the quilter joins the shapes together. These quilts are called patchwork quilts.

Which quilt design do you think the fussy Princess should choose? Can you share any more information about patchwork quilts? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Quilts For A Princess

  1. Hey Prep,
    Amazing work, when I saw it I thought it was 5/6 work.
    you have done a great job well done guys.

    From Eloise 5/6CS

  2. Hello Preps,
    I love all you work it’s so creative and colourful. All you work is amazing!
    I think that all your quilts are fit for a princess. do any of you have a quilt at home that is you favourite? Awesome effort

    From Anna

  3. This work I think it’s amazing and I can see you have worked really hard on this activity. Keep up the good work Prep! I think all of the quilts are beautiful and that I can’t really choose between them all, and I have worked with a buddy before, it is great fun! What quilts do you like? And what colours would you include?

  4. Hello Preps,
    These are great. It looks like you have put lots of effort into them. The
    quilts look as if they are all fit for a princess even a fussy one! I especially like the 3d ones.
    Have any of you tried making a quilt in real life? I think that would be really tricky.
    Keep up the good work:)
    Regards Elizabeth

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