Drawing Our Families

Prep G and Prep F have been busy drawing their families using ArtRage. They had some help from their buddies to export their finished drawings as JPEGs. Have a browse through their digital books to see some great artwork.


Our buddies, from 3/4 J and 3/4 P, were very helpful when we were using ArtRage. They showed us how to add a layer, how to select different drawing tools and how to save our work.

Have you worked with a buddy before? What is the best way a buddy can help? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

27 thoughts on “Drawing Our Families

  1. Hi Preps,
    What sunny art work. They made me smile! Anything that does that must be wonderful and worth celebrating so well done to you all!
    Mrs. Clark
    I like creating and drawing – adults have to have fun too!

  2. Hello prep,
    your familys look awesome there very creatve and colourful, it looks like you’ve put alot of effort into them well done prep

    have a fantactic day.
    kind regards, Brooke

  3. howdy preps,

    What great families, it looks like you had fun doing them! Alot of your class have lots of people in their families. Do any of you have pets, and do you think they count as family? I work with 2 buddies in I.T and we have alot of fun working together but we also learn alot too. I think that one of the best qualities when working with buddies is to listen to what each other have to say and not being scared to ask for help. I enjoyed looking at your art and each and every one of them was unique. Well done!

    kind regards,

  4. Hello Prep classes ,

    Your families look AMAZING. I can tell you put a lot of effort into them. I look forward to see more fantastic work from your class.

    Here are some questions :

    Do you have a favorite thing that you do with your families ?

    How many people have furry animals in your family?

    Sincerely Ava

    Have a great day 🙂

  5. Hello Preps,
    Your artwork is quite impressive.
    It must have taken you a while to get them to how they look now.
    I saw there was a variety of numbers in all of your families.

    Well Done!

    Did it take you long to complete drawing your families?
    How long?

    Was it hard drawing your families on the computer?

    Kind Regards, Lucy

  6. Hi Preps
    Your families are very ,very cool. Have you ever use Artrage before now? I have use it sometimes I think it is a bit hard do you?
    From Brianna.C

  7. Hi Preps

    All your family pictures are great and they are very creative peaces of art. You thought about them very carefully . I Wanted to know if you like working with your buddie and enjoy it . Did you know that i am a buddie and I have to help out my buddie out as well just like your buddie helped you. I think that one of the most important things of being a buddie is to alway help each other out and make shore that your little buddie is doing the work not you. And you are showing your buddie is showing to what to do but make shore your big buddie is not doing the work for you. Personally i love love working with my buddie and i hope you like working with your buddie as well as i do.

    kind regards

    • hello preps

      I really like your work. you should all be proud of your selfs.
      you are all very creative! I wish I could have done a picture od my family.
      did you know that im a book buddie?

      p.s always be proud of what you do and never ever give up!

      Kind Regards

  8. Hi Preps,
    The drawings of your families are so colourful. They all look so different and they are all so creative! I like working with buddies because it a good learning experience on how to work with little kids. How much help did you have from teachers?
    From Max.

  9. Hi preps,
    Your family artwork was amazing, it looks like you put a lot of effort in to your artwork.
    I have worked with a buddy before and I like to encourage them.
    From Sara.E

  10. Hi Prep
    they are some great families it looks like yu work very hard on those.

    I was just wondering do you like drawingon the computer?

    From Ava.F

  11. Hello Preps,
    You all did a really good job on drawing your families. I think they all were really unique and you thought about how you were going to present it. I think that one of the best things to do to work well with your buddy is letting the instead of taking the mouse off your buddy, guide them with words instead of taking over. Personally, I really enjoy working with a buddy because it is a great feeling to know that you have helped teach a child how to use the computer or laptops. What is your favourite thing about working with a buddy?

    Ava W

  12. Hi preps,
    I think your work was all different and has very creative thinking. It was nice and bright. A buddy has to be helpful but not in control of everything.
    from Ben

  13. Hey preps,
    I liked looking at all your family pictures and they were all very bright and colourful! I thought it was interesting seeing how many people were in your families. I like working with buddies and I think it is very fun helping buddies and it is good leadership building.
    Kind regards, Thomas

  14. Great job prep! I can see you have worked really hard on these family pictures. I have worked with a buddy before and it is great fun. I think the best way that a buddy can help is by letting their buddy hold the mouse and by just guiding them through the activity. How many pets do you have in your family and what are their names?

  15. Hi Preps,
    I love your family artwork they are very detailed, it lookslike you put a lot of time in those pictures.
    I have worked with a buddy before and I think that the best way a buddy can help is to encourage their buddy. I enjoy working with my buddy but not only my buddy but also like working with younger children.
    There is a question I would like to ask and it is why did you decide to make them.
    From Ashley.

  16. Hi Prep,
    Great familes, they look so cool!
    It looks like you put a lot of time and effort into these.
    I was wondering, was it hard drawing on the computer?

  17. Hi preps

    Wow these experience to have had worked with buddy’s and it’s a wonderful experience to have.

    I was wondering how long it take and was it hard.

    from Angus.s

  18. Hi Preps,

    Your pictures are VERY Good!

    I think the best way a buddy can help is by giving you good directions and helping you with idea’s.

    How long did they take to make?

    From Bianca.

  19. Hi Preps

    These drawings look wonderful! And yes I have worked with buddys before
    Its an awesome experience to have. I bet you worked really hard to make your familys look so good.

    From Henko

  20. Hi Prep G and Prep F,

    Those pictures are great.

    I think the best way a buddy can help is to give you advice on what to do but let you do it.

    How long did it take for you to do these?

    What did you use to create these pictures?

    From Amy

  21. hi this is a great presentation and you put lots of effort into your families. you put lots of detail and is a great way to show them.

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