Creating Pictures with Pattern Shapes

Prep F and Prep G have worked hard to create some interesting pictures using the Pattern Shapes app. They used a triangular grid to help them line up their shapes. Their buddies from the 3/4 classes helped to use the Snipping Tool to save a copy of the pictures. Sadly some of the Preps ran out of time to finish their pictures. Watch the Animoto videos to see the finished ones.

Have you created some pictures with shapes. What did you create? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

13 thoughts on “Creating Pictures with Pattern Shapes

  1. Hello prep F prepG

    Your patten block shapes looked AWESOME you should be proud with yourselfs. The last time used patten blocks was when i was in 3/4J 2 years ago. I loved making the shapes with the blocks it was a lot of fun. I think i made a person. Thank you so much for sharing that vidio.
    From Toby N-W

  2. Hello prep F and G
    I thoroughly enjoyed looking at the pictures, they were very creative, better than I thought you would do.
    some of them had outstanding patterns that I haven’t seen before, they were just amazing from my point of view
    well done prep F and prep G you did a fantastic job

  3. Hello Everybody

    Thank you for sharing that with us. I thought it was the epicest video I have ever seen. You guys are so clever, and yes I have made a picture out of shapes. I made a star and I have also made a person. It was very difficult.

    From Georgia

  4. Hello prep’s

    well done Prep F your shapes are amazing. Even that would be hard for me! Very complex.

    well done Prep G you have shown your not only good in sports leaders but in I.T as well. well done for being good at so many things.


  5. Hi Prep G adn Prep F

    All of you did a really good job and I really liked them all
    if ever do these again I will be sure to watch them all.
    Also I have a question, How long did it take to make all of these patterns?

    Well done!

    Kind regards Eli H

    • Thank you for leaving a great comment, Eli.

      At the most it took three IT sessions for us to make our pictures.

      We liked making our pictures.

      From Prep G

  6. Hello Prep F and Prep G
    This is really good. If I tried to do this I couldn’t .
    Good luck for the future because this is awesome.
    From Cayd 5/6CS

  7. Hello Prep F and Prep G

    Those pattern block shapes look fantastic ! I liked the turtles.
    I also liked it how you came up with a wide variety of things to make with pattern block shapes.

    You know recently we have been using pattern block shapes in 5/6ks. We used it to make symmetrical shapes. this means if the shape was cup in halves or quarters each piece would look the same. It was a lot of fun.

    Are you guys planning on making more pictures with pattern block shapes? If you do I would like to see them.

    yours truly Georgie from 5/6ks

    • Thank you for your great comment, Georgie.

      We are planning to make some more pictures because it was great fun and creative.

      It was easy to use the app.

      From Prep F

  8. Hello Prep F and Prep G
    I really enjoyed watching the video and looking at your pictures, they are all great.
    I have created some pictures with shapes. I have created some ships and some sport balls.
    How long did they take to make?
    From Angus

  9. Hello everyone,

    I loved the pictures that you made. They showed so much creativity, I was really impressed at the shapes you managed to make.

    I think it was great how you used art to understand maths and technology. Now you know how to use geoboard next time maybe you can try to make something more difficult. So, instead of making one great, detailed picture you might be able to make a multiple great, detailed pictures.

    You used three subjects to understand geoboard, so which subject is your favourite?

    Love Emily

    • Hello Preps

      Your shapes look amazing and I like how all of your cool pictures all look different from each others .How long did it take to make them great designs and did u have to plan it out on paper before making them. Yes I have made shapes but I rather making patterns rather then shapes
      bye guys
      They all look good
      from Montanna L 5/6cs

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