More Pictures with Pattern Shapes

Our grade 1-2 classes and their buddies also explored the Pattern Shape app. They were able to use all the shapes to create a picture. Their next task was to count the number of each different shape used and also to count the total number of shapes used. The Pattern Shapes app uses the same shapes that we find in our Pattern block sets that can be found in each of our classrooms. We can use these shapes to help us show our maths knowledge as well as create interesting pictures.

Have a look at the Animoto videos of our work. Our 5-6 buddies helped us to use the Snipping tool to take a screen clipping of our pictures. They also helped us to save our work in the correct place so that Mrs S could find all of our work when she was creating the images in our videos.

How else could we use the Pattern Shape app to share our learning? Are there some other ways that we could combine Maths with Art? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.


One thought on “More Pictures with Pattern Shapes

  1. Hi 1-2 classes. I loved your shape pictures! You certainly used a lot of shapes to create them. Could you use the pattern shapes to model and solve this story problem? I was walking down the street and I saw 5 houses, 6 flowers and 4 birds. How many things did I see altogether?

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