Montagu Bay 2016


We have been back at school for about six weeks now. We have a new class, fifteen in total,  which, for now, is in the library. It is looking really good.


We had our first assembly a couple of weeks ago and already classes are getting back into things. We had three presenters and they were Tahlia, Daniel and Daniel. 1-2 SD shared their drawings of flowers. 5-6 Y shared their printing explorations.

Just recently we had our athletics carnival. All houses did well but Derwent took out another win, making that 4 years in a row. There was a lot of participation and good sportsmanship from all houses. Thanks to the sports leaders for helping out with the Early Childhood fun morning. You did a great job and the children enjoyed it heaps. In a couple of weeks some of the grades 3-6 will be going to the Inter Primary for 2016.

Athletics CarnivalWhat is your favourite race in the carnival? Leave a comment to let us know.

Written by Anna and Eloise. Our new blog editors.

11 thoughts on “Montagu Bay 2016

  1. Thank you everyone for leaving a comment. I think everyone did a great job and it was a very good day for everyone.

  2. My favourite races are the 200m because the students get to run against people who are a similar speed to them. I love watching lots of different students getting the chance to win a ribbon.

  3. I love to watch the relays as everyone has to work as a team and if it is a close race it becomes very exciting! I am also inspired by those people who make the extra effort to do their absolute best.
    Mrs. Clark

  4. I liked watching the enthusiasm of all the students in all the races. The LiL race was probably a favourite of mine however; just watching the sheer joy of being involved for those little ones! I was so impressed by how many of the students had a go.

  5. It’s great to be in touch with what’s going on around the school. It sounds like the Athletics Carnival was a great success. I always like the novelty races, like ‘Late for School, ‘Egg and Spoon’ and the ‘Three-Legged Race.’ Everyone seems to have so much fun!

  6. As a really slow runner myself, I always watch the races with a huge sense of admiration for everyone’s individual effort. I love watching students giving their best and showing our 3Rs ( respect, responsibility and resilience.)

  7. I really enjoyed watching the sack race…..everyone had so much fun!! Well done to Flynn N for winning his race. I loved the big smile on his face!!

    • Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog post, Anna. What is it that you like about the long distance race? I remember running long distance races at school and enjoying these because you could go at a slow but steady pace.

      Mrs S

  8. I absolutely loved the family race at the Fun Morning. At the Primary Carnival I really enjoyed the division sprints – it was great to see the smiles on the placegetters faces.

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