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Every fortnight our school has a thing called Book Buddies. The classes are all paired up with one primary class and one early childhood class. Everyone loves it. In Book buddies we split into two and half the class goes into one room and the other in the other class. We read stories and after that we talk about what we just read and may do a drawing about it. The thing that was so special about this certain Book Buddies was that every class in the in the school was doing it at the same time.IMG_0677[1]

After we have shared a story we generally play a game or we draw and talk. Sometimes we even use the computer.

Is it good fun to share a story and read with younger children? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.


5 thoughts on “Book Buddies!

  1. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments.
    I love reading with younger children and letting them read to me it is so nice to share a book with someone.
    What makes it so special to share a story?

  2. We love it when Mr Price’s class come down for book buddies. Usually we start with a team game so that everyone feels relaxed and is having fun. The Preps love having stories read to them! They also enjoy sharing their levelled texts with their buddies. This is great extra reading practice for them!

  3. Not only is it nice to read to someone else, but it is also lovely to have someone read to you. At any age it can be really restful to listen to someone read out loud. It enables the listener to just immerse themselves in the story. Some adult books are produced as an audio book. Great for long car journeys!

  4. I love reading stories to anyone who will listen. It is a great way to share. It was just amazing to walk down the school corridor and glance into each classroom to see buddies hard at work sharing stories. Each class was focussed on their books and the great stories in them.

    Do you have a favourite place to read? Do you have a favourite story that you like to share?

    Mrs S

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