Harmony Day Feast

This week our school has been focusing on Harmony Day. Our classes decided to bring multicultural food to share. This gave us a chance to experience different cultures and religions. When we brought the food we had to set up a really long table outside and we had to use our chairs and tables from our classrooms.


One of the really cool things with this was that we got to have as much food as we want! A downside with having this outside was that the seagulls thought that they could join in the feast.

IMG_0698 1

It looked really good and we had a great time, the food was great and looked so yummy!


Thank you everyone for bringing your culture’s food. It was such a good day!


What is your favourite food and why do you like it so much?

By Anna and Eloise

3 thoughts on “Harmony Day Feast

  1. Hi Eloise and Anna, my favourite food this week is Chicken Amok. It is a specialty Cambodian dish that is very yummy. It’s a tasty curry. We did a cooking class and learned how to make it.

    • That sounds really nice. We have had lots of different curries from Africa since my big sister came back from Mt Kilimanjaro.

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