Westpac Helicopter Visit

On Monday the 4th the Westpac Rescue Helicopter came to our school.

We had a raffle to raise money for Westpac, then the raffle was drawn and two lucky classes got to go up close to the helicopter. The classes that went up to the helicopter all got a brown bag full of cool things like: pens, postcards, stickers and tattoos.

The helicopter did a loop and came around twice so that it could lower itself down onto the oval. As the helicopter landed it created a wind that blew everything around. The whole school had come out to see this happen. Everyone had smiles on their faces.

The SRC president and treasurer then drew out the lucky class winners who got to be up close and personal with the helicopter and its pilot. The classes were 4/5 D and 3/4 Yellow. They all had time to look closely inside and outside the helicopter while it was on our school oval.

Then the whole school came back out to see it take off. The force of the blades as the helicopter took was like a storm. The wind was blowing leaves, grass and gumnuts around all over the place.

After the visit some of the classes drew pictures using Art Rage of the rescue helicopter. Take a look at some of these.

Have you had to be rescued by a helicopter? Have you ever seen one land? Have you had a flight in a helicopter?

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By Eloise and Anna.

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