Our New Mural

Sadly, at our school we have had some problems with graffiti. On the wall in the netball court has been covered in graffiti a lot in the past but now we have permission from the Clarence Council to have some professional people come in to help add a mural to our wall. Some lucky people from the grade six classes were chosen to help spray paint the wall. There were two people from all three grade six classes. They were: Daniel, Emily Angus, Sophie, Zainab and Connor.

Firstly they had to come up with a design and then they practised it on some canvas. Then they started to put all that planning into action. Everyone that was working on the mural was really happy with the result of it and they really enjoyed doing it. Here is a picture of them with the work in  process.


13319791_520988951423331_3565491021400155510_nHere is a picture of the finished product.

13315780_521234151398811_3751557343298650002_nWhat’s your favourite thing on the mural?

by Anna and Eloise

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