The Inter-School Cross Country

On Tuesday the 14th of June we had the Inter-School Cross Country, held at Geilston Bay. The inter-School is where the top 6 of each grade (3-6) travel to Lindisfarne North Primary. We had some great results and everyone did their best and ran their hearts out. Eliza did a great job and came 2nd. Well done to everyone. Eliza and Connor were the captains on the day and did a great job getting everyone ready.

They were big races, the grade sixes ran 2.6 km, grade fives ran 2.2 km and the grades fours and threes ran 2.0km.

We congratulate everyone who competed and supported each other. It was a great day and great job everyone.

Do you Like the Cross Country?

If so, what is your favourite part of the race?

By Eloise and Anna

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2 thoughts on “The Inter-School Cross Country

  1. I love watching everyone run and do their best. I’m always happy it’s not me getting cold and wet. The runners try so hard. I’m impressed with their determination and the effort they put in.

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