Sharing the work from 3/4 J

Class 3/4 J have been very busy for the start of the term. From working on mandalas to the life cycle of living things.  They studied things like lady bugs, fruit bats, blue tounge lizards, iguanas, Guinea pigs, platypus, cacti and heaps more. They learnt some facts from their work here are some of them about the cactus.


Did you know that there are over 1,500 different types of cacti, some are thin, some are very, very tall and others are shaped like a ball……… a very spicky ball that is!! The spines of the barrel cactus were used by the local fisherman as fishing hooks.

Here are two of them.


3/4 J have also been working on mandalas. They had to choose an animal then right a poem about it. Then they had to draw pictures around the mandala to do with their animal. Mandala is the ancient Tibetan word for circle. It is a picture that tells a story, the story of a journey that we can follow. It is a sacred space which revels some inner truth about you or the world around you. Each drawing in their mandalas is a series of concentric circles which represents each line of their poem.

What’s you favourite animal? And why?

By Anna and Eloise

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