Mini Olympics

On the 18th of August Mrs Dobson’s class helped to run a Mini Olympics for three classes: Prep F, Prep 1 G and Year 1 Y.

The events included in the Mini Olympics were: egg and spoon race, sack race, Bean bag target, header race, target practice, obstacle course, running relay, time challenges, bike riding and jelly bean relay. The children were all put into countries and had to try and wear their country’s colours.

The weather was perfect for the day and all the participants worked really hard and enjoyed an enthusiastic day.

Thank you to all the parents and Mrs Dobson’s class who were there helping out on the day. Well done everyone.


What is your favourite Olympic event? Why?

Bye Eloise and Anna.

6 thoughts on “Mini Olympics

  1. What a great event this was. So much work by the 3 teachers involved to give our students a very memorable experience.

  2. I find it difficult to choose a favourite sport in the Olympics – it’s just great to see excellence in sport! I do love watching : the diving, gymnastics, athletics and any team sports that are close like the soccer playoff between Brazil and Germany. The Germans looked disappointed even though they had won the silver medal! That doesn’t seem right somehow.

  3. My favourite event in the mini Olympics was the target practice using photos of Mrs Gunn, Miss Youd, Mrs Lynn and myself. I got hit in the face a lot of times!!! A big thank you to Mrs Dobson for loaning her class to us and a huge thank you to all her students. You were brilliant helpers!

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