Prep F Needs for Living Things

Prep F have looked at the needs of living things, for example; a fish needs water to live, a dog needs food to live and so on. One of the things they did for this unit was making a mind map about the sort of things animals need to live. Some of them started with a picture of a cat then drew lines coming out of it pointing to the things it needs, they looked like this.


Prep F also made box houses, in this activity they put things inside their box that you would normally have in a house to care for your pets.

This could include things like animal beds, boxes, play houses, cages, kennels, animal food and heaps more.


All the creations of Prep F looked great and everyone enjoyed making them too.

Do you have a favourite animal, if so why?

Written by Anna and Eloise

One thought on “Prep F Needs for Living Things

  1. My favourite animal to keep as a pet is a dog. This is because a dog encourages its owner to exercise, as it always wants to go for a walk itself.
    I wonder which animal is the cuddliest?

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