Creating with Our ICT Buddies

Some of the classes have been working hard with their buddies. They have been app smashing to create an online book all about the friends of ten. They used ArtRage to receive a tracing image via Airdrop. They took a screenshot and cropped it after they had finished working with the image in ArtRage. They Airdropped the image back and Mrs S created a book in Book Creator. They received the book via Airdrop and added the text to the pages.

We use the Friends of Ten maths strategy to help us when we are working with numbers. We might be combining numbers together. We might be finding out how much more to get to 10 or 20 or even more.

Knowing our Friends of Ten can help us with some other maths strategies. We can Think 10 or Make 10 and add what is left. We can think 1 more than 10 or 1 less than 10 to help us add numbers together.

How would you use the Friends of Ten to help you solve a maths problem? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Creating with Our ICT Buddies

  1. Dear Authors,
    If your using bigger numbers like one hundred, you can still use friends of tens, how? it’s simple, 9+1=10 so, 109+1=110, easy, right?
    From Daniel & Emily.

  2. To the book authors,
    That book was very interesting and that app smashing was very impressive. I think you could make it a bit less repetitive for e.g I didn’t see one 2+8.
    Also to answer your question I find friends of ten useful when I’m adding numbers that go over the nearest ten, because you can split the number to get a perfect ten before you go on.

  3. Dear 1/2 Ryan
    This post is very clever.
    Great work 1/2’s.
    We use friends of ten working out what adds up to 100 like 30+70 and 3+7. The 30+70=100 and 3+7=10.
    From Breanna and Owen 5/6 Red

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