Investigating an inquiry question…

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This term we have started to explore an inquiry question. Using the design process we are asking questions and collecting data to find out if there are any problems that we might be able to create a solution to help solve.

Our big question seems simple but when we started to think carefully each class found that it led to many more questions and the need to do some research and collect some data.

Does Our Playground Meet Our Needs?

As part of our data collection Mrs S put up a large satellite image map of our playground and each class was invited to add their data. Each class was asked the same two questions.

  • Where do you love to play in our playground?
  • Is there anywhere you do not like to play? Where?

Every student was given 3 yellow smiley face stickers and 3 red frowning face stickers so that they could add them to the large image. After having time to explore a colour satellite image from Google Earth everyone was able to add their dots to the map. You did not have to use all 6 stickers. We were collecting visual data about where we like to play.

After each class had added their dots Mrs S took a photograph so that we were able to see how our data changed over time.

dots after one class

dots after 2 classes

dots after 3 classes

dots after 4 classes

dots after 5 classes

dots after 6 classes

Some of the areas in our playground became so covered with dots that there was a slight mound when you carefully touched the map. Layers of dots covered the ones underneath.

What questions do you have about our collected data? Are you wondering why each dot was placed in a certain place?

Please leave a comment sharing any questions you might have.

2 thoughts on “Investigating an inquiry question…

    • Thank you for leaving the first comment on this post. Grade 3\4 students tell me that some of the red dots in one of the clusters at the edge of the oval are where the jack jumpers have their nest. Some other students talked about how they felt more comfortable closer to the school buildings.

      Do you have a favourite spot in our playground?

      Mrs S and the students at MBPS

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