Sharing Our Playground Improvement Ideas

All of the classes investigating our big question – “Does our playground meet our needs?” – have been working hard to come up with a solution to the problems chosen for their class.

Possible problems
Here is the list of possible problems that our 6 classes are now working on.

Students worked with a partner to created a double page spread sharing the final idea that they explored with our design process planning sheet. By doing this this they have come to the last stage of the design process we have been learning about – Share.

image of the design process - ask, imagine, plan, create, improve, share

Time constraints and a planned excursion to explore some nearby playgrounds has limited the time that our grade 3/4 classes had to spend on the improve section of the design process but everyone has been able to share their ideas in a book created using the Book Creator app. The other four classes are still working on their ideas and will share their book in another blog post.

Mrs S has shared the book online so that our classes can share our ideas with other classes, teachers, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, carers, sisters, brothers and any one else who may be interested in seeing their creative ideas.

Read our Book
Click on the cover of our book to read about our ideas.
What do you think about the ideas dreamed up by Grade 3/4 B and Grade 3/4 Y. Have they given you any good ideas. Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

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