1 Youd

On the 16th of November we had an assembly, one the classes that shared was 1 Youd. They talked about the narratives they wrote. They firstly shared about the types of things you need to make a story like, a heading, a story line and other things like that. Then they all shared the name of their story. All of the stories looked great. They also  did a drawing on the front cover of their book and did an amazing drawing throughout their books. Towards the end of their presentation one of the students read their book to us. It was about a crazy house. It was really well and it was really funny. It looked like everyone enjoyed the presentation a lot and it got a massive clap at the end.

Do you enjoy writing stories? What do you like writing about. Please leave a comment to share your thoughts.

Prep F Needs for Living Things

Prep F have looked at the needs of living things, for example; a fish needs water to live, a dog needs food to live and so on. One of the things they did for this unit was making a mind map about the sort of things animals need to live. Some of them started with a picture of a cat then drew lines coming out of it pointing to the things it needs, they looked like this.


Prep F also made box houses, in this activity they put things inside their box that you would normally have in a house to care for your pets.

This could include things like animal beds, boxes, play houses, cages, kennels, animal food and heaps more.


All the creations of Prep F looked great and everyone enjoyed making them too.

Do you have a favourite animal, if so why?

Written by Anna and Eloise

Book Week

On Wednesday the 23rd of August, Kinder Y, Kinder B, Prep F, Prep 1 G, 1/2 SD and 1 Y were all participating in Book Week. Every child from each class chose a character from a book they liked and then they tried their best to dress up as it. There were lots of different types of dress ups including: Grug, Messi- as well as other famous football or soccer players-, fairies, crocodiles and lots of other things.

All the children  that were dressed up joined in a parade in the hall. The two Kinder classes even paraded around all the primary classes. All the costumes looked great and it looked like everyone had a great time.


What is your favourite book and why? Or who is your favourite character?

Written by Anna and Eloise

Sharing the work from 3/4 J

Class 3/4 J have been very busy for the start of the term. From working on mandalas to the life cycle of living things.  They studied things like lady bugs, fruit bats, blue tounge lizards, iguanas, Guinea pigs, platypus, cacti and heaps more. They learnt some facts from their work here are some of them about the cactus.


Did you know that there are over 1,500 different types of cacti, some are thin, some are very, very tall and others are shaped like a ball……… a very spicky ball that is!! The spines of the barrel cactus were used by the local fisherman as fishing hooks.

Here are two of them.


3/4 J have also been working on mandalas. They had to choose an animal then right a poem about it. Then they had to draw pictures around the mandala to do with their animal. Mandala is the ancient Tibetan word for circle. It is a picture that tells a story, the story of a journey that we can follow. It is a sacred space which revels some inner truth about you or the world around you. Each drawing in their mandalas is a series of concentric circles which represents each line of their poem.

What’s you favourite animal? And why?

By Anna and Eloise

Prep-1 Gunn Sharing

In assembly we have had lots of classes sharing what they have been doing in class. But one of the ones that stood out, in a recent assembly, was from Mrs Gunn’s Prep/1 class.

They were sharing about the different seasons. Each one of them dressed up for assembly to suit the weather from their season. They wore sunglasses, hats, gloves, beanies and even an umbrella popped up. It was really well presented and was very cute.

Here is a picture of the snowman they made and a drawing of the sun created with MOMA Art Lab.image

Prep-1 Gunn classroom sharing

What is your favourite season? Why is it your favourite? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

By Anna and Eloise


Our New Mural

Sadly, at our school we have had some problems with graffiti. On the wall in the netball court has been covered in graffiti a lot in the past but now we have permission from the Clarence Council to have some professional people come in to help add a mural to our wall. Some lucky people from the grade six classes were chosen to help spray paint the wall. There were two people from all three grade six classes. They were: Daniel, Emily Angus, Sophie, Zainab and Connor.

Firstly they had to come up with a design and then they practised it on some canvas. Then they started to put all that planning into action. Everyone that was working on the mural was really happy with the result of it and they really enjoyed doing it. Here is a picture of them with the work in  process.


13319791_520988951423331_3565491021400155510_nHere is a picture of the finished product.

13315780_521234151398811_3751557343298650002_nWhat’s your favourite thing on the mural?

by Anna and Eloise

MBPs Cross Country

We are now in the 6th week of term 2 and we have just had our Cross Country. The Cross Country includes students from grade 3 to 6, but grade 2 students are allowed to run if they want. They run with the grade 3 students. Everyone joins in the race and they complete it to the best of their ability. It’s a really fun day too.


The basic course is a lap of the oval, then running down the gravel road to the bottom park, then doing a lap of the oval next to the park. Next is running though the front gate all the way back to the oval. Then there is one last lap before running to the finish line to end the race.


Does your school have a Cross Country event? When is it held? Do all grades have a go? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

Kinder Yellow and Kinder Blue

IMG_2124[1] IMG_2128[1]

Every week Kinder Yellow and Blue have been focusing on a letter each week. They all started with writing the first letter of their name, then after that they move on to a letter of the alphabet. Kinder Yellow’s letter this week is “D” kinder Blue are one letter ahead on “E”. Then next week they will both move up one letter of the alphabet.


They have also been doing things on Mothers Day like they had a special morning tea just for their mums.

Can you remember looking at letters in Kinder?

What is your favourite letter?

By Eloise and Anna.

MBPS Walkathon

On Thursday the 31st of March, we had our school walkathon.  Prep- Grade 6 participated and everyone enjoyed the walk around Rosny Point.


Some of us had gone for multiple laps and some had even run the whole way.


We had to answer questions and collect punched shapes to complete the course. After that we received stamps.


Do you like walking, running or riding? Why?

By Anna and Eloise

Pyjama and Onesie Day

Last week, on the 17th of March, we had a pyjama and onesie day.

The reason we had a day like this is to raise money for “Save the Children“.


There were people in lots of different types of onesies some of them were, zebras, bunnies, dogs, cats, crocodiles, leopards, cheetahs, giraffes, sheep and characters from games and movies also there was some people in patterned onesies. There were also lots of people in different patterned pyjamas.


Is it  fun to come to school in your pyjamas or onesie?     What makes it fun?.