Tassie Devil Monster Truck

On the 16th of November we had a very special visit from Tassie Devil Monster Truck . Everyone enjoyed it.

Two students created digital posters about the visit.


Troy talked to the whole school about how Monster Trucks work and about the way that they were put together. He also told us how they are shipped to Australia from America. They are now all built the same size. The tyres were huge – $9000 per tyre. That is WOW!


Have you ever seen the Monster Trucks? Would you like to drive one? Please leave a comment to tell us your thoughts.

By Eloise.

Numeracy Week

In our school we all have the chance to participate in lots of activities. Numeracy week is one of the most recent events. This activity included classes prep to grade two. All the classes had fun joining in with some learning activities. The classes all also participated in a Number Trail afternoon, which is looking around the Early Childhood buildings in search of numbers, whether they are stuck onto doors or under the bench, all of the numbers were found. There were lots of different activities to do during the week. It looked like everyone that was involved in this amazing week had a great time. But this week couldn’t of been as good as it was without everyone that helped make this event as amazing as it turned out to be so thankyou to everyone involved.

What did you do for Numeracy Week?

do you like numeracy?

Written By Anna and Eloise

Mini Olympics

On the 18th of August Mrs Dobson’s class helped to run a Mini Olympics for three classes: Prep F, Prep 1 G and Year 1 Y.

The events included in the Mini Olympics were: egg and spoon race, sack race, Bean bag target, header race, target practice, obstacle course, running relay, time challenges, bike riding and jelly bean relay. The children were all put into countries and had to try and wear their country’s colours.

The weather was perfect for the day and all the participants worked really hard and enjoyed an enthusiastic day.

Thank you to all the parents and Mrs Dobson’s class who were there helping out on the day. Well done everyone.


What is your favourite Olympic event? Why?

Bye Eloise and Anna.

Sharing 1/2 SD’s work

On the 2nd of August we had an assembly, we had some great work being shared. One class that we thought was amazing was 1/2 SD they shared some work on ‘Why Would You Visit Tasmania’. They each drew a picture on either a place that they have been to, or a place that they want to go to. It was really clever and they did a great job. Another piece of class work they did is called WANTED, with this they wrote a description about a Big Bad Wolf, they gave a reward and drew a picture of the wolf.

Here are some pictures of what they did.

Why would you visit Tasmania? What would you visit in Tasmania?


5/6 Data Survey


Last term 5/6 Blue had collected some data about the grade 5 and 6 students for 2016. The data we collected was about after school activities they included; How many times a week do you do an afterschool activity?, On which days of the week do you have an afterschool activity? and the last question was What afterschool activities do you do?

The data was then tallied up and put into a graph.

This is what the finished product looked like.


We had a lot of difficulties collecting the data but we got there in the end.

Do you have any afterschool activities? If so what are they?

By Anna and Eloise

The Inter-School Cross Country

On Tuesday the 14th of June we had the Inter-School Cross Country, held at Geilston Bay. The inter-School is where the top 6 of each grade (3-6) travel to Lindisfarne North Primary. We had some great results and everyone did their best and ran their hearts out. Eliza did a great job and came 2nd. Well done to everyone. Eliza and Connor were the captains on the day and did a great job getting everyone ready.

They were big races, the grade sixes ran 2.6 km, grade fives ran 2.2 km and the grades fours and threes ran 2.0km.

We congratulate everyone who competed and supported each other. It was a great day and great job everyone.

Do you Like the Cross Country?

If so, what is your favourite part of the race?

By Eloise and Anna

interschool 2


Starting Term 2

Welcome back to the start of term 2. During the first two weeks our grades 3-5 were at learn to swim and practising their water safety skills. Our grade 6 students had extra I.T. time with Mrs Smith. On Monday and Tuesday of week two our grade 6 students were introduced to some very important first aid advice from some Carlton Beach surf lifesavers. Check out our school Facebook page to see more photos.


During the I.T. time the grade 6 students were creating infographics about our school. To make the infographics the students came up with questions for a short survey. They also worked with MSExcel to create graphs using the results of the survey. They also used the auto shapes from MSPowerpoint to create little monsters.

Here are some of the finished infographics.

Have you created an infographic? Please leave a comment to tell us what it was.

By Eloise and Anna.

Westpac Helicopter Visit

On Monday the 4th the Westpac Rescue Helicopter came to our school.

We had a raffle to raise money for Westpac, then the raffle was drawn and two lucky classes got to go up close to the helicopter. The classes that went up to the helicopter all got a brown bag full of cool things like: pens, postcards, stickers and tattoos.

The helicopter did a loop and came around twice so that it could lower itself down onto the oval. As the helicopter landed it created a wind that blew everything around. The whole school had come out to see this happen. Everyone had smiles on their faces.

The SRC president and treasurer then drew out the lucky class winners who got to be up close and personal with the helicopter and its pilot. The classes were 4/5 D and 3/4 Yellow. They all had time to look closely inside and outside the helicopter while it was on our school oval.

Then the whole school came back out to see it take off. The force of the blades as the helicopter took was like a storm. The wind was blowing leaves, grass and gumnuts around all over the place.

After the visit some of the classes drew pictures using Art Rage of the rescue helicopter. Take a look at some of these.

Have you had to be rescued by a helicopter? Have you ever seen one land? Have you had a flight in a helicopter?

Please leave a comment to share your thoughts.

By Eloise and Anna.

Harmony Day Feast

This week our school has been focusing on Harmony Day. Our classes decided to bring multicultural food to share. This gave us a chance to experience different cultures and religions. When we brought the food we had to set up a really long table outside and we had to use our chairs and tables from our classrooms.


One of the really cool things with this was that we got to have as much food as we want! A downside with having this outside was that the seagulls thought that they could join in the feast.

IMG_0698 1

It looked really good and we had a great time, the food was great and looked so yummy!


Thank you everyone for bringing your culture’s food. It was such a good day!


What is your favourite food and why do you like it so much?

By Anna and Eloise

Book Buddies!

Hello again,

Every fortnight our school has a thing called Book Buddies. The classes are all paired up with one primary class and one early childhood class. Everyone loves it. In Book buddies we split into two and half the class goes into one room and the other in the other class. We read stories and after that we talk about what we just read and may do a drawing about it. The thing that was so special about this certain Book Buddies was that every class in the in the school was doing it at the same time.IMG_0677[1]

After we have shared a story we generally play a game or we draw and talk. Sometimes we even use the computer.

Is it good fun to share a story and read with younger children? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.