Prep F Needs for Living Things

Prep F have looked at the needs of living things, for example; a fish needs water to live, a dog needs food to live and so on. One of the things they did for this unit was making a mind map about the sort of things animals need to live. Some of them started with a picture of a cat then drew lines coming out of it pointing to the things it needs, they looked like this.


Prep F also made box houses, in this activity they put things inside their box that you would normally have in a house to care for your pets.

This could include things like animal beds, boxes, play houses, cages, kennels, animal food and heaps more.


All the creations of Prep F looked great and everyone enjoyed making them too.

Do you have a favourite animal, if so why?

Written by Anna and Eloise

More Favourite Playground Places

Other classes also worked on creating books about their favourite playground places. Each class created pages using Book Creator that were then added to Dropbox so that Mrs S could put all the pages of each book together. In some of our books there were also some favourite inside places.

Looking at all the photographs there seem to be lots of favourite places in our playground. Do you like taking photographs? What do you think would be another idea for a collaborative book that we could create? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

Animal Moves

During Term 2 Prep G and Prep F explored how animals move. They went on an excursion to ZooDoo and saw lots of animals moving.

With some help from our buddies in grades 3/4 we used ArtRage and MS Powerpoint to show how animals can move. Take a look at our digital book.

Have you watched animals moving? What words would you use to describe how an animal moves? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

Creating Pictures with Pattern Shapes

Prep F and Prep G have worked hard to create some interesting pictures using the Pattern Shapes app. They used a triangular grid to help them line up their shapes. Their buddies from the 3/4 classes helped to use the Snipping Tool to save a copy of the pictures. Sadly some of the Preps ran out of time to finish their pictures. Watch the Animoto videos to see the finished ones.

Have you created some pictures with shapes. What did you create? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

Drawing Our Families

Prep G and Prep F have been busy drawing their families using ArtRage. They had some help from their buddies to export their finished drawings as JPEGs. Have a browse through their digital books to see some great artwork.


Our buddies, from 3/4 J and 3/4 P, were very helpful when we were using ArtRage. They showed us how to add a layer, how to select different drawing tools and how to save our work.

Have you worked with a buddy before? What is the best way a buddy can help? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

Exploring A Great Maths App

During our Mrs S time we used our new iPad mini devices and our laptops to explore a great Maths app called Geoboard. A Geoboard is made of nails and uses rubberbands and can be used to explore topics in geometry. We were able to use a virtual geoboard which meant that we never ran out of rubber bands and they could not break by being stretched too much.

We started out by exploring the app and the tools we could use. We then had an open ended challenge to complete. The good thing about an open ended challenge is that there can be many answers.

Have a look at some of our work.

Have you used a Geoboard to create shapes? What else could you use the Geoboard app to explore in Maths? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

Following Instructions to Create an ArtRage image

We shared the story called Rosie’s Walk by Pat Hutchins. When we were working in the Library with our buddies we followed some instructions to draw a picture about the story. Our buddies helped us to read the instructions and helped us to find the tools we needed to use in ArtRage.

Drawing Instructions for Rosie's Walk
Drawing Instructions for Rosie’s Walk

Here are our drawings.

Have you followed a set of instructions to create something? What did you create? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

A Visit to a Farm


Prep F and P/1GM went on a excursion to visit a farm called Glen Quoin. We saw a sheep being shorn. The wool was put into a machine that squashed it into a bale. The wool fibres felt soft and oily. We got to explore different pieces of farm machinery. We had a ride in a big trailer that was towed by a tractor, and we saw newborn lambs in the paddocks.

What do you think people can make from wool fibres?

Please leave a comment sharing your ideas.

Russell the Sheep – Sharing a great read.

On Tuesday, during our time with Mrs S, Prep F listened to the story called Russell the Sheep. It was written and illustrated by Rob Scotton.

With some help from the Grade 6 students in 5/6 CS we drew a picture about our favourite part of the story. We used ArtRage and our Grade 6 helpers showed us how to use layers to separate our backgrounds from the rest of drawing. After we had finished our drawings we exported them as JPEG images so that the Grade 6 students could create a presentation for us. This presentation was created by James V.

 Russell tried many things to help him fall asleep. Have you had trouble getting to sleep? What did you do? Please leave a comment sharing you thoughts.

Exploring How Toys Move

Push Pull Venn Diagram

Today in our class we shared some toys. We talked about how the toys moved. Some of the toys we needed to pull along. Some toys we needed to push or press a button for them to move.

We used a Venn diagram to sort our toys into groups. There was a group for PUSH and a group for PULL. In the middle was a group for toys that we could push and pull.

Do you have a toy that moves? Where would it fit into our Venn diagram? Please leave a comment describing your toy.