Favourite Places

Prep G worked with their Grade 3/4 buddies to create a book about their favourite playground places.

First we talked about our favourite places and then went outside to take photographs. When we came back inside we used Book Creator to make our pages. When all our pages were completed we added them to Dropbox so that Mrs S could combine all the pages into one book. Take a look at some of our favourite places.

To read our e-pub version follow this link and add our book to your e-book library.

Have you got a favourite place? Why do you like it? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

Animal Moves

During Term 2 Prep G and Prep F explored how animals move. They went on an excursion to ZooDoo and saw lots of animals moving.

With some help from our buddies in grades 3/4 we used ArtRage and MS Powerpoint to show how animals can move. Take a look at our digital book.

Have you watched animals moving? What words would you use to describe how an animal moves? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

Creating Pictures with Pattern Shapes

Prep F and Prep G have worked hard to create some interesting pictures using the Pattern Shapes app. They used a triangular grid to help them line up their shapes. Their buddies from the 3/4 classes helped to use the Snipping Tool to save a copy of the pictures. Sadly some of the Preps ran out of time to finish their pictures. Watch the Animoto videos to see the finished ones.

Have you created some pictures with shapes. What did you create? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

Drawing Our Families

Prep G and Prep F have been busy drawing their families using ArtRage. They had some help from their buddies to export their finished drawings as JPEGs. Have a browse through their digital books to see some great artwork.


Our buddies, from 3/4 J and 3/4 P, were very helpful when we were using ArtRage. They showed us how to add a layer, how to select different drawing tools and how to save our work.

Have you worked with a buddy before? What is the best way a buddy can help? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

Exploring A Great Maths App

During our Mrs S time we used our new iPad mini devices and our laptops to explore a great Maths app called Geoboard. A Geoboard is made of nails and uses rubberbands and can be used to explore topics in geometry. We were able to use a virtual geoboard which meant that we never ran out of rubber bands and they could not break by being stretched too much.

We started out by exploring the app and the tools we could use. We then had an open ended challenge to complete. The good thing about an open ended challenge is that there can be many answers.

Have a look at some of our work.

Have you used a Geoboard to create shapes? What else could you use the Geoboard app to explore in Maths? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.