Prep-1 Gunn Sharing

In assembly we have had lots of classes sharing what they have been doing in class. But one of the ones that stood out, in a recent assembly, was from Mrs Gunn’s Prep/1 class.

They were sharing about the different seasons. Each one of them dressed up for assembly to suit the weather from their season. They wore sunglasses, hats, gloves, beanies and even an umbrella popped up. It was really well presented and was very cute.

Here is a picture of the snowman they made and a drawing of the sun created with MOMA Art Lab.image

Prep-1 Gunn classroom sharing

What is your favourite season? Why is it your favourite? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

By Anna and Eloise


Using Commas

Today P/1 G were writing sentences. The sentence starter that Mrs G gave us was:

 I went to town and I saw

We wrote a sentence telling our readers what we saw in town. Our sentences all had long lists. We needed to use commas to separate the different things in our lists.

We remembered to add a comma at the end of each word in our list except for the last part where we used “and” to show that our list was finished.

How would you finish our sentence? Please leave a comment to share your sentence. Remember to be careful with your commas.

Using Different Strategies to Work Out Our Maths

What is under the cup?
What is under the cup?

We have twenty cubes in a cup. One of our class is chosen to take some cubes out. They turn the cup over to hide the rest of the cubes and put the ones they have taken out on the top.

We all work out the answer to what it is hiding under the cup. We use different strategies to help us.

What strategy would you use if there were 4 blocks on top of the cup?

 4 +___= 20    

Please leave a comment sharing your ideas.

Prep\1 G Shares some Maths


When we are playing Round the World we have to start with the biggest number and then count on. If the die showed a 5 and a 1 we would hold the 5 in our head and we would count on with the 1.

5 count on 1 is 6.

Please leave a comment sharing a count on maths problem with us.