Our Gardens Excursion

Late in third term we went to the Botanical Gardens. We looked at maps, the veggie garden, the Antarctic house and lots of trees and plants.


This was part of our History, Geography and Science Curriculum. The children wondered where Tino was. They really liked the fern house. We learnt that many plants in the gardens came from other countries. The Brick Wall was built to protect frost and cold sensitive plants.


Did you know the Royal Hobart Botanical Gardens is respected worldwide? Do you know of any other famous gardens?  Please feel free to leave a comment.

Making Cars and Going to the Drive In

Isabelle’s Mum comes to our class to help us with our work. She helped us to make some cars. We used cardboard boxes, paper plates, paper, glue and paint. We had to decide what colours to paint our cars. Our cars were big enough for us to sit in. We had number plates on the back and the front of our cars. We used our initials as part of our number plate. Then we had to choose our three favourite digits and make the biggest number we could to be the rest of our number plate.

At the Drive In

We talked about how people used to use their cars to go to the Drive-In to watch a movie. We thought is would be a great idea to drive our cars to the hall and watch a movie. We watched Over The Hedge. We had rainbow popcorn, chocolate brownies, chips, Tic Toc biscuits, lamingtons and a drink while we sat in our cars to watch the movie.

Watching the Movie

Do you remember visiting a Drive-In to watch a movie? Have you made a pretend car? What did you use?

Using Hops for Art

Autumn Art

It was Autumn. We were working on procedural writing and Ms H chose to look at making ginger beer. Annabelle’s Pop gave us some hops. We tried to find a recipe on the internet for ginger beer using hops but could not find one.  We decorated our classroom and we waited for some to dry and then used them for creating our art.

Do you know a recipe for ginger beer that uses hops? Have you ever created a picture using dried plants? Please leave a comment sharing your ideas.