Westpac Helicopter Visit

On Monday the 4th the Westpac Rescue Helicopter came to our school.

We had a raffle to raise money for Westpac, then the raffle was drawn and two lucky classes got to go up close to the helicopter. The classes that went up to the helicopter all got a brown bag full of cool things like: pens, postcards, stickers and tattoos.

The helicopter did a loop and came around twice so that it could lower itself down onto the oval. As the helicopter landed it created a wind that blew everything around. The whole school had come out to see this happen. Everyone had smiles on their faces.

The SRC president and treasurer then drew out the lucky class winners who got to be up close and personal with the helicopter and its pilot. The classes were 4/5 D and 3/4 Yellow. They all had time to look closely inside and outside the helicopter while it was on our school oval.

Then the whole school came back out to see it take off. The force of the blades as the helicopter took was like a storm. The wind was blowing leaves, grass and gumnuts around all over the place.

After the visit some of the classes drew pictures using Art Rage of the rescue helicopter. Take a look at some of these.

Have you had to be rescued by a helicopter? Have you ever seen one land? Have you had a flight in a helicopter?

Please leave a comment to share your thoughts.

By Eloise and Anna.

Animal Moves

During Term 2 Prep G and Prep F explored how animals move. They went on an excursion to ZooDoo and saw lots of animals moving.

With some help from our buddies in grades 3/4 we used ArtRage and MS Powerpoint to show how animals can move. Take a look at our digital book.

Have you watched animals moving? What words would you use to describe how an animal moves? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

Drawing Our Families

Prep G and Prep F have been busy drawing their families using ArtRage. They had some help from their buddies to export their finished drawings as JPEGs. Have a browse through their digital books to see some great artwork.


Our buddies, from 3/4 J and 3/4 P, were very helpful when we were using ArtRage. They showed us how to add a layer, how to select different drawing tools and how to save our work.

Have you worked with a buddy before? What is the best way a buddy can help? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

Working Together to Create a Story

Eleven classes have been working on creating pictures for a story called “What If Everybody Did That”. Each class listened to the original story written by Ellen Javernick, talked about the ideas in the book and came up with some new ideas for the text. Each idea needed to be related to something that might happen at our school. Mrs S looked at all the ideas and picked out the common threads to create the text for our version of the story. Each junior class worked with their IT helpers to create images to go with the text.

Have a look at the different versions created by our 1/2 classes.

We used ArtRage to create our drawings. Many of us found out that drawing with a mouse is very different to drawing with a pen on paper.

Have you created a digital drawing? What program or app did you use? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

Following Instructions to Create an ArtRage image

We shared the story called Rosie’s Walk by Pat Hutchins. When we were working in the Library with our buddies we followed some instructions to draw a picture about the story. Our buddies helped us to read the instructions and helped us to find the tools we needed to use in ArtRage.

Drawing Instructions for Rosie's Walk
Drawing Instructions for Rosie’s Walk

Here are our drawings.

Have you followed a set of instructions to create something? What did you create? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

Russell the Sheep – Sharing a great read.

On Tuesday, during our time with Mrs S, Prep F listened to the story called Russell the Sheep. It was written and illustrated by Rob Scotton.

With some help from the Grade 6 students in 5/6 CS we drew a picture about our favourite part of the story. We used ArtRage and our Grade 6 helpers showed us how to use layers to separate our backgrounds from the rest of drawing. After we had finished our drawings we exported them as JPEG images so that the Grade 6 students could create a presentation for us. This presentation was created by James V.

 Russell tried many things to help him fall asleep. Have you had trouble getting to sleep? What did you do? Please leave a comment sharing you thoughts.

Following Along with An Adventurer

1/2 MW had a very special visitor to our class. Andrew Hughes from Adventure Class came to talk to us about this year’s expedition. He is going to camp in the Florentine Valley to look for undiscovered caves. Andrew looked at a map from a satellite and it showed some bumps called sinkholes. Andrew thinks there might be caves underneath these bumps and he is going to spend four weeks to find out. 1/2MW is going to follow his adventures online though the website. We can ask Andrew questions, read about his discoveries and find out all about caves. We are very excited!

What do you imagine you might see in a newly discovered cave? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.