Sharing Our Playground Improvement Ideas

All of the classes investigating our big question – “Does our playground meet our needs?” – have been working hard to come up with a solution to the problems chosen for their class.

Possible problems
Here is the list of possible problems that our 6 classes are now working on.

Students worked with a partner to created a double page spread sharing the final idea that they explored with our design process planning sheet. By doing this this they have come to the last stage of the design process we have been learning about – Share.

image of the design process - ask, imagine, plan, create, improve, share

Time constraints and a planned excursion to explore some nearby playgrounds has limited the time that our grade 3/4 classes had to spend on the improve section of the design process but everyone has been able to share their ideas in a book created using the Book Creator app. The other four classes are still working on their ideas and will share their book in another blog post.

Mrs S has shared the book online so that our classes can share our ideas with other classes, teachers, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, carers, sisters, brothers and any one else who may be interested in seeing their creative ideas.

Read our Book
Click on the cover of our book to read about our ideas.
What do you think about the ideas dreamed up by Grade 3/4 B and Grade 3/4 Y. Have they given you any good ideas. Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

Working with the Design Process

This year our classes have been exploring the design process. Architects, engineers, scientists and students can use the design process to help solve problems. These problems may be small, big, imaginary or real and in each case the design process helps break down the problem into smaller steps.

image of the design process - ask, imagine, plan, create, improve, share

Students had two challenges to complete and learned more about the steps in the design process as they completed these challenges.

Challenge one used only one building material and asked students to design a safe but tall structure for a little plastic bear to be able to see better in the classroom. We named all the bears – Harry.

In our second challenge there were more materials to choose from and the challenge had changed slightly. Harry still needed a safe, tall tower but there also needed to be a way of going up and down. The size of the groups building together also were larger.

Can you see the extra materials we had? Can you see some ways of getting up and down? Please leave a comment to tell us what you can see.

Creating Digital Posters

During Mrs S time in our classrooms we have been working with our buddies to create digital posters. We have a task sheet to help guide us through the steps we need to follow. We are learning to use the iPad cameras and the photo editing tools to crop our photos before putting them into a collage. We are using Pic Kids to create our collages.


One of the choices we need to make is about the layout of our poster.

Will we use the grids offered in the app to place our pictures on the page or just go with freestyle?

Will our pictures look better overlapped or slightly sloped?

What makes a good background to show off our work?

These questions are things that we talk about with our buddies as we create our posters.

What is your favourite colour? What photos would you take to represent your favourite colour? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

Our New Mural

Sadly, at our school we have had some problems with graffiti. On the wall in the netball court has been covered in graffiti a lot in the past but now we have permission from the Clarence Council to have some professional people come in to help add a mural to our wall. Some lucky people from the grade six classes were chosen to help spray paint the wall. There were two people from all three grade six classes. They were: Daniel, Emily Angus, Sophie, Zainab and Connor.

Firstly they had to come up with a design and then they practised it on some canvas. Then they started to put all that planning into action. Everyone that was working on the mural was really happy with the result of it and they really enjoyed doing it. Here is a picture of them with the work in  process.


13319791_520988951423331_3565491021400155510_nHere is a picture of the finished product.

13315780_521234151398811_3751557343298650002_nWhat’s your favourite thing on the mural?

by Anna and Eloise

Starting Term 2

Welcome back to the start of term 2. During the first two weeks our grades 3-5 were at learn to swim and practising their water safety skills. Our grade 6 students had extra I.T. time with Mrs Smith. On Monday and Tuesday of week two our grade 6 students were introduced to some very important first aid advice from some Carlton Beach surf lifesavers. Check out our school Facebook page to see more photos.


During the I.T. time the grade 6 students were creating infographics about our school. To make the infographics the students came up with questions for a short survey. They also worked with MSExcel to create graphs using the results of the survey. They also used the auto shapes from MSPowerpoint to create little monsters.

Here are some of the finished infographics.

Have you created an infographic? Please leave a comment to tell us what it was.

By Eloise and Anna.

Some More of our Favourite Places

Here are some more of the books we created using Book Creator to share our favourite playground places. This time Mrs S saved the books as movie files to share on our blog.

All the classes have chosen a range of places within our school grounds. There are those that like the play equipment better and those who enjoy the large, grassy oval as their favourite play space.

Do you have a favourite space? Is is somewhere that you like to play with friends or a space to be alone? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

More Favourite Playground Places

Other classes also worked on creating books about their favourite playground places. Each class created pages using Book Creator that were then added to Dropbox so that Mrs S could put all the pages of each book together. In some of our books there were also some favourite inside places.

Looking at all the photographs there seem to be lots of favourite places in our playground. Do you like taking photographs? What do you think would be another idea for a collaborative book that we could create? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

Favourite Places

Prep G worked with their Grade 3/4 buddies to create a book about their favourite playground places.

First we talked about our favourite places and then went outside to take photographs. When we came back inside we used Book Creator to make our pages. When all our pages were completed we added them to Dropbox so that Mrs S could combine all the pages into one book. Take a look at some of our favourite places.

To read our e-pub version follow this link and add our book to your e-book library.

Have you got a favourite place? Why do you like it? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

Animal Moves

During Term 2 Prep G and Prep F explored how animals move. They went on an excursion to ZooDoo and saw lots of animals moving.

With some help from our buddies in grades 3/4 we used ArtRage and MS Powerpoint to show how animals can move. Take a look at our digital book.

Have you watched animals moving? What words would you use to describe how an animal moves? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

More Pictures with Pattern Shapes

Our grade 1-2 classes and their buddies also explored the Pattern Shape app. They were able to use all the shapes to create a picture. Their next task was to count the number of each different shape used and also to count the total number of shapes used. The Pattern Shapes app uses the same shapes that we find in our Pattern block sets that can be found in each of our classrooms. We can use these shapes to help us show our maths knowledge as well as create interesting pictures.

Have a look at the Animoto videos of our work. Our 5-6 buddies helped us to use the Snipping tool to take a screen clipping of our pictures. They also helped us to save our work in the correct place so that Mrs S could find all of our work when she was creating the images in our videos.

How else could we use the Pattern Shape app to share our learning? Are there some other ways that we could combine Maths with Art? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.